Monday, June 1, 2009

but I like this toy

We took the kids to the fisherprice fun fair yesterday evening. All the little people toys were laid out on the mat for the children to explore. Anjali played with the farm, garage, zoo, etc. Finally, it was time for her to go, so I said, Anjali choose one toy that you want to bring home.

She stands up, and picks a toy.

"I want this toy"

i look at it. Its her market.

"anjali, thats your market. You already have one at home. Why dont your choose something else?"

"I want this market"

"Dont you have a market just like this at home?"

"Yes. "

"Then why do you want another one?"

"I like this market."

We couldnt buy her the market, since she already had one. And she didnt want any other toy from the fair.

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