Monday, May 25, 2009

pretend play

Last night, Sophia was quite cranky. Her afternoon nap, usually about 3 hours long, had been cut to one hour, on half hour patches. Naturally, she was more tired and cranky than usual.

We were on the webcam with Bunica, Anjali was eating pizza, hot cross buns (garlic bread), and soya milk. She was essentially dipping all her stuff into the soya milk and "exploring" it, and what was in the plate was a great soggy mess of bread and soy milk. I ensure that she ate about half a slice of pizza and then dropped it.

Sophia was too tired to sleep and wanted to be bounced. Husband took her to carry her for a bit. I rubbed my hands over my face, the heat and tiredness was getting to me.

"Mummy, why you ciing?"

"I am not crying. I am just rubbing my hands over my face"

"Mummy, why you ciing? You are soia baby?"

"I am soia baby?"

"You want booba?"


"Go to sheep"

I stretched on the sofa.

"On the floor!"

I stretched out on the floor. She sstretched ouot next to me.

"Dink booba"

I drank accordingly.

"Other side" she says, moving over to the other side.

In thirty seconds...

"Enough Booba?"


THen she pulls a chair above me and brings a book.

"Ead to Soia baby. Mummy's hand. Mummy's thumb. Mummy's elbow. Mummy's thoppai. Baby's thoppai engai?"

And then come a pile of postcards

"Number time Soia baby. This is four. This is 43. Plus equal to 5. Plus equal to 47"

She is going to be a C programmer.

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