Thursday, May 28, 2009

I really had to write this down

Sophia went to bed yesterday at 10.30. Anjali began her party then.

During Sophia's bedtime (as the imp simply refuses to go to sleep if akka is playing around the same room), I have to send Anjali with daddy to play blocks and such stuff for half an hour while Sophia is getting settled. So off they go and play blocks.

After Sophia went to sleep, Anjali strolls in.

"Mummy paalu venum, anniya babyku"

Ok. So she drinks the milk. The room is dark, lights off, but does she sleep?


She finishes drinking her milk and starts babbling. After about ten minutes...

"Oosha, diaper no. bedla"

That woke me up.

"Anjali, do you want to make oosha?"

No answer.

I grope in the dark, trying to determine if there are any telltale pockets of wetness on the bed.


"Pillow on top"


It was probably around 11pm. Daddy comes forward to put a diaper. A minor tantrum. Daddy loses temper and walks to the kitchen to read.

"Anjali, do you want a diaper?"


"Do you want to go to the toilet?"


Do you want to sleep?


"Fine, I am going to sleep, you do what you want"

Three minutes later

"I want to make oosha on pillow."

"Excuse me? Anjali,k you cant make oosha on the pillow because the pillow will spoil and I will have to throw it away"

A couple of seconds silence

"Oosha vayuthu".

Ok. We finish the business in the allocated place. Then i try to coax her back to sleep.

It doesnt work.

Five minutes later, she is in the kitchen. I pretend to ignore and go to sleep, but the voice calls

"Mummy!!!! Mummy!!!!"

I walk to the kitchen and find a girl sprawled on the floor.

"Anniya baby is sad." (Note to self, ask teacher if they are doing emotions in school)


"Anniya baby is very sad" (Grinning from ear to ear)

Daddy: "Anjali, that will work if you werent grinning"

Immediately the face rearranges into a pout.

"Anniya baby sad"

I am beginning to lose patience.

"Do you want to sleep Anjali?"

"Sleep in the kitchen"


I dunk out and get a couple of pillows to stretch out on the kitchen floor.

Five minutes later

"Aie Aie vayuthu"

"Oh Gosh"

And she gets on the potty.

"Anjali, I am very sleep. When you finish, you call me and i'll come and wash you."

"Mummy market venum"

"Anjali, its the middle of the night. Just finish your business and you can play later"

"uhu uhu"

Sophia was sleeping three feet away. She had had a vaccination in the afternoon. I consiidered, accepted defeat. The market came to the potty.

I dont know how long she was there. I jolted awake to find her sitting quietly on the potty.

"Anjali, are you done, do you want to wash up?"



"Lets go back to bed"

"No no. Sleep in the kitchen. Light on"

"Lets pretend to be owls"

So we stretch out on the kitchen floor.

"Mummy mummy, where have you been?"

"I have been to London to see the queen"

"No No, where have you been today?"

I decide to ignore her.

"Listen to me!!"

"You want me to listen to you or to talk to you?"

"Talk to me"


"Where have you been today?"

"I have been to office, and to the clinic and to the playground"

"Market also?"

"Yes, I have been to NTthuc"

"Shop n save also?"

"Shop n save also."

"Shop n enga? save enga?"


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