Friday, May 29, 2009

Experiences with Sophia

I am seeing that as far as locomotion is concerned, Sophia takes it second priority to discovery and interaction. I am not overly concerned - she is well within the development charts, and besides, my experiences with Anjali have shown me that children know more than anyone else what they need to do at a particular time, and none more so than Sophia (as anyone trying to breastfeed her when she is crying for sleep, namely me, would realize)

She was bottom jumping very nicely when she was about three months old. She got what she wanted out of bottom jumping, and now she has stopped doing it, unless she is very upset, or very excited. She was putting her toes in her mouth for a period, and now her curiosity satisfied, she has stopped. I wonder what would happen if I put socks on her feet, would she put her toes in her mouth? I ought to try

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