Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A diaper free baby

We have done it. There are occassional accidents tthough, but for the most part, we have not taken out the pee wiping cloth from the cupboard for over two weeks. The worst thing that happened was when she couldnt wait until I got her underwear off on our way to the mannu playground, and me, being confident, had not packed a spare set of underwear.

And then there was the time when she drank about half a bottle of water and peed in front of the elevator at Jurong MRT. But that was a blip.

So I arm myself with a plastic bag and a spare underwear when we go out without diapers.

Just on case.

So yesterday we were getting ready to go to the playground.

"Anjali, take some pants to put on."

Anjali comes down with, not one, but three pants.

"Mummy. two pants"

"Why do you need two pants?"

"Of make oosha this pant, yother pant"

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