Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Can I do this?

At the library on Saturday

"Mummy, can I climb this?" (indicating book shelf)

"Ok. "

"Mummy can I climb this?" (looking incredulous and stressing on words in italics)

"Sure. Climb it"

"Mummy can I climb this?"

"I dont mind. But if the library aunty says no, then you must get down"

she asked me again about three hundred times and then climbed it.


I left Anjali's waterbottle in the playground a couple of days ago. So yesterday, she had to take a normal water bottle to school. Patti reports...

"Teacher says that we must give her a straw bottle tomorrow, because she and Ashna were putting water all over the floor. Its all wet."

Later, on interrogating Anjali.

"Anjali, what did you do with your water bottle in school today?"

"Pour it!"

"With whom?"

"With Ashna"

"Did teacher aunty put colors on your water?"

"No. Wipe it onuly."

"Did aunty wipe with a tissue?"

"Mop! and thooni."
The playground was all wet after the summer shower.

"Mummy, can I go in the playground?"

I took stock of the situation.

"Sure. Go ahead"

"Pattu pavadai iram."

"I'll take off your pattu pavadai and you go in the playground. We can put it on when you finish."

"Underwear also off"

"No no. I have a new underwear, so you can wear that."

So she goes in the wet playground and gets totally sopped.

"Mummy underwear iram, new underwear venum anniya babyku"

"Tell you what. You finish all your play and then I'll change your underwear"

She goes up the ladder to the wet slidedown.

"Mummy can I do this?"


Goes down with a splash.

"Can I do this again?"


She must have asked me "Can I do this again" about twenty times.

Now how can I give her a creative reply?

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