Thursday, April 23, 2009

Sophia's vaccination

Sophia at 3 months weighs 5.65 kilos, and 59 cm. We gave her vaccination on Tuesday. I went with her to the doctor. It was her prime naptime, and she was making all the nap signals. However, I succeded in keeping her awake until the needle went in.

Then we went straight to the nursing room.

Five minutes later, when we went to see the doctor, she was ready to share all her stories. Incidentally, the doctor was something like eight months up the pole and let Sophia kick her belly a couple of times.

She got fussy again in the taxi, but when we got down, I curled her to my chest and she went right to sleep.

At night we had a nice little concert. Husband had to take Anjali down so that i could concentrate on comforting Sophia. She went to sleep around 8.30 and then when Anjali came back, i gave her some noodles and cheese. Later, at 9.30, Sophia woke up again and began to cry.

There was nothing for it, we had to give her a dose of panadol before she went back to sleep. Yesterday I gave her another dose in the afternoon. I guess she must have been feeling uncomfortable.

She still sleeps through the night, but has taken to waking up for a feed at 3am. I attribute it to the heat

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