Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sophia is bottom jumping!!

She did something like 3 meters on the bed, in under three minutes. Husband took a video, but I refused to put it on the blog as I have a policy (rather loose, but a policy nevertheless) about putting pictures of naked babies in the blog.

I am doing Doman cards with Sophia. I have all the information about testing, but I couldnt resist.

"Sophia", I said, holding up the cards with 47 dots and 49 dots. "Is this 47, or is this 47?"

She looked at the correct one.

We did it three times, and then I stopped.

We tried again in the evening. After two tried I called husband.

Now husband doesnt believe in Doman. Says that there is no point is distinguishing between 98 and 99, and when I thought I made a mistake with 71, I spent an hour counting the cards to make sure they were right.

"And you want your daughter to recognize that?" He exclaimed! "Kithu, dont be ridiculous."

"Look", I countered. "How long have you been trying to learn Tamil?"

"Seven years?"

"Well, Anjali has only 2 years to her credit and she already knows more Tamil than you do."

That shut him up.

When i showed Sophia looking at the correct card between 49 and 50, He said,


Not really, its just Science

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