Monday, April 27, 2009

Its way too hot

Its still the end of April and the weather is already way too hot. Both Sophia and Anjali run around the house (in the case of the older one, the younger one bottom jumps).;

Husband had a brilliant idea to use the bottom cloth as a rest for her head while she flip flops around the concrete. I didnt object, for a multifold of reasons

1. it was way too hot for me to be bothered
2. She looked too cute
3. She was enjoying herself
4. She wont have stayed on the mat for too long anyway.

Sophia, when she cries, can always be bribed by one of the following

1. Booba
2. Conversation
3. Walks
4. Maths (recite multiplication equations and division numbers to her at random and you have gotten her won over for life)

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