Thursday, April 16, 2009


Anjali things that it is cool to pick hair from the floor (mostly mine, as I am going through the post pregnancy hair shedding period) and give it to me saying

"Mummy, Mudi."

I usually take it from her, and then toss it into the dustbin or something.

Last evening, i was busy with Sophia and couldnt take her offered mudi.

"Give it to daddy and ask daddy to give me Anjali!"

"No No, mummy!"

"Ok fine, come and give to me"

She traipsed across the bed to me and gave me two hairs.

"Adi, can you help me throw these into the bin?"

"No No!" and she burst into tears.

then it dawned on me that she was giving me a present and was feeling hurt that I threw it away. I put Sophia down, took Anjali in my arms, and tried to explain to her that hair, when it is on the floor is bleh bleh and has to be thrown away.

"Can you give me another present", I asked, looking desperately around the room for inspiration. "How about a diaper?"

"No no, mudi."

Then I tried explaining to her all over again.

"Anjali, there is a lot of mudi on the floor", said husband. Just pick one and give mummy.

That cheered her up.

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