Monday, April 6, 2009

Anjali's responses and Sophia's growth

I am plahying the I spy game with Anjali. TO add a punch to it, I took something out of a montessori book. So the I spy game goes something like:

Mummy is wearing something on her finger that begins with an r (ring)
Or Eye spy something on Anjali's forehead that begins witha p (pottu)

Usually she gets the answers because of the clue, not because of the spelling, and it would take several tries before she makes the connection. but sometimes I get some really cute answers. Example:

(In the car today)

Mummy: I spy something that is green and begins with a t (tree)
Anjali: Leaf!!

Mummy: I spy something that is blue and begins with a c (car)
Anjali: Taxi!! (For the record, it was a taxi.)

Husband says that she is very specific and I must rephrase my clues properly.


Mummy: I spy something that is tall and blue and begins with a b
Anjali: Huge bulldozer!

Sophia has started to lift her legs and hold her feet. She's turning out to be quite a gymnast. She was smiling at everything the guests at the brunch told her.

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