Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Anjali goes to school

Pictures first. Story later. Its a long and an adventurous one, and I want to do it justice

Today was day 2. I stayed in the schoolroom for half an our, went out for 45 minutes and then went back for another hour. Anjali apparently cried all of 45 minutes, with the exception of a bit when the kids were dancing.

However, when I got in, there was not a single tear, nor was her nose running, she immediately smiled and said brightly, "Mummy caie Anniya baby". there was no sniffling either.

Yesterday, there was some sniffling.


  1. which school is she going to? I need to look out for a playschool for ananya too once I get there to keep her engaged :)

  2. Very cute pics. Hope she starts enjoying school better.


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