Monday, March 30, 2009

Sophia's expectations

 As Sophia grows up, her character becomes more evident. What does Sophia like? The answer is entertainment.

She can entertain herself very well, and more than that, she has an amazing attention span. Husband says that she can keep at one activity for as long as five minutes, and when someone talks to her, she can go on for an hour.

Last weekend, husband was telling me a story of a game he was playing. Halfway through the story, I had fallen asleep. However, Sophia was still awake through the whole story, and it was only when husband finished the story (I think it took over an hour) that she turned to me and fell asleep.

What else does she like? Let me see..

1. Dancing. It calms her down almost everytime when she is marginally fussy, putting her on a mat and dancing around her.

2. Reading. I was reading to her in the library, in the garden and basically everywhere I go out with her, I bring along a kids' book. She can go through the whole ofa small book. Favorites... Mr brown can moo, The cat in the hat, how the grinch stole christmas, the three little pigs etc etc

3. Going for a walk. Its husband's way of calmingSophia,a nd seh has come to expect that of husband when ever he comes home from work.

And how is she developing?

1. She has started to suck her hands. She sucks her knuckles, just like Anjali

2. She has begun to move actively At night especially, when she makes a 90 degree rotation so that she can put her head closer to me.

3. Her grasping skills are very good, when coming to contact with an object, she has begun to open her hands around the object and then clasp the object. Her favorite toy is my bangle.

4. She tries hard to get the bangle into her mouth, but she is still not able to do that bit of coordination. So she ends up getting frustrated and cries

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