Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sophia can turn on her belly, Anjali has a growing repertoire etc

If she is placed on the 20 degree ramp at gymboree. Of course it is not technically a turn on the belly, but its a milestone all the same.


Can Recognize mom and dad

Expects entertainment

Likes to feel mom next to her on the bed while she plays

Likes dad to carry her out for an evening walk

Likes to do her numbers

Loves to dance when mom's dancing

Recognizes sequences and songs with actions, gets upset if I dont touch her noe while singing little peter rabbit

Loves an oil massage, especially getting massaged in the belly and the back

Love to chat and smile (she has dimples on both cheeks)

We took Anjali and Sophia to the nature park yesterday night. it was a beautiful night, and the lights were off at parts of the park so that in some places it was pitch dark. We could see the orion perfectly in the sky.

Anjali played in the sand while Sophia looked all around her with avid interest. I spent some time unwindong by lying down on the grass and looking at the stars, while Anjali made annu soup which she planned to give to thattha.

In the meantime, Anjali has a big repertoire of words:

Yesterday, she was doing some stuff and kept saying "cookily cookily"

What is cookily? Asked Patti.

Quickly. I said.

Anjali's favorite song:

O Patti, O suvetty, nee endrum booty looooty adi

We even dance to it.

She has gotten a measure of numbers: many, a lot of, everywhere. Examples include

Many toys

A lot of stuff

Many apa

Cable cars everywhere

Water Water everywhere (she said this herself, but it makes one wonder)



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