Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Anjali's new mantra

Mummy caie Anniya Baby

Anjali does not like it when Sophia plays with some of her favorite toys, and takes them away.

COuple of days ago I was making a book for Sophia, and the table had glue and stuff on it. Anjali wanted to glue stuff on Sophia's book, and I said no, its Sophia's book.

Anjali's book.

No. Its Sophia's book. I'll give you your own book to glue stuff in.

This book.

No. You cant glue stuff on Sophia's book. Do you like Sophia to read your books?

(Shake head)

Then, why do you want to read Sophia's book?

Little bit Anjali's.

No No.

Share Share!

Ah. Now you want to share.

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