Sunday, March 8, 2009

Anjali's Answers: Sibling Rivalry part dont know what , lost count etc

Anjali says:

Mummy Pom Pom! Caie Anniya baby!

Pom Pom will run away. Dont worry.

Mummy, caie anniya baby.

Pom Pom will want stuff. Shall we give Anjali to Pom Pom?

No No


No No


No No

Sophia baby?




Sophia is crying and you want to give her to pom pom?


What about when Anjali cries? Shall we give Anjali to the Pom Pom?

No No. Mummy caie Anniya baby.


Later, Sophia is crying for Booba

Soia Baby cying, Pom Pom.

What about you Anjali?

Mummy caie Anniya baby

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