Tuesday, February 17, 2009

five minutes of reprieve

Its 12.13 in the morning, and I am sitting in front of the computer with a bowl of oats, updating my blog and doing some general reflection. Sophia, Anjali and Husband are asleep and the house is extraordinarily quiet. It is a moment of calm and I can hear the windshimes in the balcony as I type this. Its a wonderful sensation.

It has been a while since I wrote anything other than posting pictures, simple comments and videos of what Anjali and Sophia have been up to. But, with a routine, and I use the term quite loosely, in place, I have this urge to write, and get an outlet set up.

So, what is with this routine. It begins simply. Wake up at around 7.30. Have a shower, try to grab some breakfast before husband goes off to work and (hopefully) before one or both of the imps wake up. One of them usually wakes up before husband goes to work, and that will ruin any chances of having a shower while watching a running and/or crying imp.

On a lucky day, which happens once in a blue moon, both of them sleep till 9am, and I get some time to do a bit of reading or some staring into space. When the imps get up, its business. Patti comes in to help at around 10am and leaves around 7pm. So I get around 3 hours in the day when its just me and the kids. I guess it should be the best time that i can have, and I am determined to make it so.

Anjali needs constant stimulation. Its usually one activity after an other. She is now into fine motor coordination, and her current favorite toy is a color board with pegs. She sorts the colors into their right boxes - red, blue, green and orange - and puts them into little holes (trees). Its fun working with her and this toy - the first time she tried to srot the colors, she actually had to match the color with the basket, but now she does it much faster and more fluently. Anjali also now knows more colors - purple, yellow, blue, green, pink, black etc, correctly. Sometimes when she is bored, she will look at all the objects around her and start talking - purple, black, black also, pink, blue, blue also - and so on, fr about five minutes.

Her other favorite toy is playdough, though now she is growing a little bored of it. I guess she has been having playdough for nearly every day for the past week and the initial novelty has worn off. We will need to put away the playdough and bring out something else soon.

A new toy that Anjali has found is her "house". A rather sturdy cardboard box which husband dug out and which Anjali and I are - to use the word loosely- decorating. Basically, we are trying to stick a collage into it with old wrapping paper cut into shapes. But as in any craft project, we do it a couple of days and then change the craft. So the box is kind of a quarter covered with collage. But Anjali likes to sit in it and pretend that she is hiding, put her toys and pillows in it etc.

Then there are the books. We went to the linrary last week and got membership cards for both Anjali and Sophia, with which we couls borrow 8 extra books. We borrowed a ton of books, board books, Dr Seuss, Nancy Tafuri (her illustrations are excellent), eric Carle, Wizard of Oz and a book on Indian folktales. Anjali likes to sit down and read, when she is not climbing up and down the window (she can do that, I'll put up a video next time I get a reprieve)

Husband says that she has four or finve active toys at a time that she rotates herself. I am inclined to believe that.

In the evenings, there is always the trip to the playground in the evening and we have enrolled her in Gymboree music, art and learning development that we go on Saturdays. I have begun again to actively teach her stuff, doing books, word cards, songs, and now that I can, dances, as well as numbers. Husband is working with her on phonics.

Now about Sophia. I am feeling a bit guilty that with all these things to report on a wildfire like Anjali, I have very little to say about Sophia. What can I say about Sophia, except that she is a sweet cuddly baby. In character, she is a lot like husband, taking a lot of pleasure in small and simple things. What does Sophia like - cuddling up in my arms, walking all around the house with husband, a little bit of peace and quiet when she wants to sleep (which is hard to get), lying in the hammock with mummy reading to her (we are currently doing Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban). She is not very fond of complicated songs, and knows the difference between when you are singing to her and when you are singing to keep her quiet. She has excellent hand eye coordination for a kid of her size, loves to play with toys - more specifically with Anjali's black, white and red teddy bear and Sylvester. Also loves to kick on her play gym. She is still sleeping a good bit, abour 18 hours a day, with about three to 4 active hours in the morning and the same at night. She is a happy child, and I can feel it when i hold her close to me. Content, thats the word I would use to describe Sophia. Simple and Content.

I should write about the sibling rivalr and the nighttime concerts, but its 12.47 and the five minutes of repreive have extended to more than half an hour. It will suffice to know that Sophia went to sleep tonight at 10.45pm. Anjali after that, chatted us up for atleast another hour and then slept in my lap in the living room, listening to stories of Mahishasura Mardhini from one of the books we had gotten off the library.

I had put up a very unusual picture  on the web a few weeks ago. When we took the picture, it was a novelty. Let us now say that it is something that happens about three times a day.

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