Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bruu and hmph

I am proud to say that I have given birth to girls with attitudes. Anjali went on a nursing strike he weekend that i went back to work, and I had to stand in the middle of the living room while husband carried her to breasfeed (she refused to let me carry her)

Now Sophia is showing that she is, in no way, any less in terms of attitude. Yesterday evening husband came back from work. "Hi Sophia!" he said, to a girl who was still feeding, then went to have his dinner and to play with Anjali, who was trying to feed her father off a spoon. Sophia, who was quietly nursing until then, started crying all of a sudden, and loudly. I was a bit mystified, and then took her to another room to continue to nurse. Nothing doing.

It finally struck me. "She wants you to carry her!", I told husband. Husband finished his dinner and picked the girl up. "hmph!" she said, and stopped crying immediately.

Anotehr day, we returned from the playground, Anjali fell asleep and I nursed Sophia. She was still awake

I had not finished my dinner and left her in the bed room to eat.

She began to cry.

Husband, who had finished his dinner, went to pick her up.

She continued to cry.

He tried everything, shoulder pats, singing, crooning, talking, cuddling, but no avail.

"I need some help!"

I washed my hands, mid dinner and took her to the bedroom again, and lay down beside her.

"Bruu!" came a voice, highly indignant,whereupon the crying stopped immediately and she went straight back to kicking.

Sophia's needs are, as of now, simple. She needs quiet when she sleeps and people around her all the time. She hates being left alone.

Does this show a girl who is full of attitude?

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