Thursday, January 29, 2009

What Anjali did yesterday

Husband took Anjali to the plaground yesterday evening after work. About 15 minutes later we heard piercing screams emanating from the playground. Patti recognized them first. "Thats Anjali".

From the playground? Thats 18 floors down.

thattha, who had dropped by for dinner, was worried. Maybe she has injured herself. He waited about 20 seconds, then put on his shoes to go down to check. However, by the time he had finished putting on his shoes, the screams had subsided.

The imp strolls in, half an hour later, tired and exhausted.

"Why did she cry?", we asked daddy.

"Anjali, why did you cry?" Asked daddy, calmly.

"Did you fall, baby?"

"No No!"

"Was she throwing a tantrum?" I asked.

"Of course"

"How come she had to throw a tantrum when you take her to the playground?" (a.k.a: You let her do everything in the playground. She must have wanted to do something really dangerous for you to stop her, and Anjali has a lot of sense to not attenpt things truly dangerous)

"Anjali, who annoyed you in the playground?"


"What did Jessica do?"


"Leaf?" (Blank stares towards daddy)

"Jessica took away Anjali's leaf."

"Oh so, that why you cried"

"Yup. Jessica then gave her back four leaves, and all the aunties in the play ground gave her leaves, and still she wont stop crying. Then I offered to take her on the piggy back. "

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