Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Welcome to the world, Sophia! 18-1-2009

She looks, overall, a lot like Anjali. There are minor differences ofcourse, A slightly darker hue, I think Sophia will be more tanned. A little more sensitive to her surroundings, though both scored 9 on the Aphar test.

We were a bit afraid of Jaundice this morning, but thankfully her Jaundice score was low also.

Just out

All squished up and wrapped up
Tired and exhausted after 4 hours of labor, of which half an hour was in the hospital. Time we left home for hospital: 7.35am. ETA at hospital: 7.50am. ETA arrival of Sophia: 8.12am. I am not kidding you. The doctor was doing rounds early that day because she had a test to take at 9am. If not, she would have missed the delivery. Husband and thattha are just thankful that this happened on a Sunday and hot on Monday, when it takes 45 minutes to reach the hospital from home. Wonder if Singapore taxi drivers know how to deliver babies.

Its funny because I was having pains since 4am in the morning at 10 minute intervals. But when I called the hospital, they said, wait and monitor till they are at 5 to 8 minute frequency. So we sat and watched Lage raho Munna Bhai. At the time where Munna sends Lucky flowers, we had to stop because we had reached 8 minutes, andw ent to take a shower. By the time I finished my shower, we were down to 5 minutes. When husband finished his shower, we were down to three minutes. Thatha was panicking. And said run. How do you run for a taxi when you are in the middle of a contraction? But I didnt stress until we reached the hospital, whereupon the pain burst on me when I got off the taxi and I really needed a wheelchair to transport me (not like in Anjali's case where I was offered a wheel chair and I said confidently, "No no, I can walk")

She looks just like Anjali.
Anjali came to the hospital when Sophia was having a bit of cranky time. She immediately turned to me. "Mummy, Mummy take Soia baby!" We were astounded.

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  1. good job mommy! Nice to know that yo uhad a short labor time at the hospital! Enjoy the mommy and girls moments!


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