Friday, January 9, 2009

Swollen feet

Discovered swollen feet this morning. Atleast its only for a week. With Anjali I remember having swollen feet for a month.
Gosh! Only a week to go. Anjali has taken this towel that she likes to put on the bed and lie down on, and ask me to carry her with a towel pretending that she is Sophia. And says that if I carry Sophia without a towel, her head will shake. (Anjali wobbles her head very fast at this :P)
And when i told her that Sophia's head will take thre months to stop shaking she says
"Appa!!" (Like she understand the meaning of the quantity)
She said that same thing when we were studying centipedes and I told her that some centipedes have 140 legs.
Big eyes, looks straight at me and says
Husband tried the tactic too.
"anjali, daddy had nine cases at work today"
No "Appa" this time.
"No No!"
Husband laughed
"Thats exactly what I said too. No No!"

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