Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sophia, Sophia, Up!!

We just got home this afternoon from the hospital. Anjali was all excited to welcome Sophia home. Patti said that she was shouting Soia baby to all the people in the bus on the way from Patti's home to acasa.

Sophia, on her part, slept, fed, slept, and fed again. She already loves the cradle and to sleep attached to me. She didnt like the hospital cradle at all and slept with me on the narrow bed all night. I guess she needed the security for the night, because this morning, she was perfectly fine with sleeping alone.

When Anjali returned from the playground this evening, Sophia was feeding. I told Anjali to grab a book and read to Sophia.

She got out her Pooh encyclopedia, all excited, gae teh book to me, and as I opened it to read, seh said, "Sophia, Sophia, up!"

Sophia was blissfully drinking milk and drifting off to sleep.

Anjali, my darling, it will tae a few months yet before Sophia can get up and drink milk.

"No No! Ippa!"

Well, she understood when we explained to her... I guess she expected Sophia to get up immediately and bottom jump.
Anjali wanting to Sleep with mummy and Sophia on the hospital bed. (When she saw that Sophia was a baby, Anjali switched the calling from Soia Soia to Soia baby. Husband says that its because she discovered that Sophia was a real baby. Befre, there was every chance that Sophia might be a little monkey! :))
Proud daddy, beautiful daughter
Sleeping at home.
Two girls and smiling mom. Husband's going to use this photo wen I complain sometime in the future. See how quiet your girls are and how little trouble they give you.

Anjali looking at Sophia.


  1. hey K

    Congrats and nice pictures. Sophia looks beautiful. Sorry I still cant make whom she looks like. You look great too! Take care and my wishes to the family.

  2. exactly a kutty anjali .. looks cute... Shruti is very excited to see two of her sisters ..


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