Monday, January 26, 2009

Neighborly concerns

Yesterday afternoon, we had a knock at the door. Husband answered.

There is too much noise of marbles clattering on the floor" Says the irate neighbor. "We are trying to rest".

Imp had just had a wonderful time half an hour earlier dropping go stones and sending them clattering on the floor (for the record imp here refers to the big one)

We apologized and sent him on his way.

Only later did we realize that perhas he had been too delicate to mention that his repose was interrupted,l bot by falling marbles, but by ear splitting screams. Afterall, the marbles were a good half an hour ago. But a tantrum had been thrown five minutes earlier.

Imp is trying to kick her afternoon nap. Every other day, she drops her 1pm nap, doesnt go to sleep till 5.30 (getting over tired in the meantime and throwing a couple of tantrums). Consequently, she gets up at 8pm, and doesnt sleep till after 1am.

The only remedy is to wake her early in the morning, but its hard to wake imp up early when both husband and I are on leave and sleeping after 1pm means that it is very tempting to lie in till 9am. Well, husband goes back to work on Wednesday. So everything will regularize around then.

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