Friday, January 16, 2009

Kid's probably going to come out in a couple of months

When we were still dating, husband bought me a chicklit book by Marian Keyes. Keyes is one of my favorite authors and this book had a collection of her published and unpublished articles from various topics.

One of the chapters in the book was called "Push", and it was about getting up the pole and giving birth to kids. When I read it, I was so amused by the contents of the book that I got all my friends to read it. Infact, i even typed it out to send to a cousin when she got married.

Now, as I wait, feeling like a detonatable timebomb, I reflect on the chapter and am not amused. I especially recall the part where the author is afraid, more of not giving birth, than of giving birth. About how she had a friend whose baby was two weeks over due, and how everytime she went to her birthing class, people would wink at her and say that next week they wont be seeing her. But they still saw her, week after week.

And how her husband and she planned a weekend end trip to a resort just because they thought that this is such a wonderful thing that something will have to come along to ruin it, and perhaps that would be the baby? But no, even that went smooth as silver.

When I went for my consultation to the doctor after new year, (she had gotten back from two weeks of vacation), she mentioned that she had been afraid that I would deliver while she had been away. If I had done that, Sophia would have been three weeks early. Now, nearly a fortnight later, nothing. Not even those silly little contractions that I had when I was with Anjali. Doc's not worried. Second babies dont give you prolonged labor. They just come out very fast.

Meanwhile people in the office are exclaiming about why I am still here. And I am extremely sick and tired of being treated like glass and water. It is alright to have people stand up to give you room in the bus (that way you can get some reading or crocheting done in the traffic jam), but I am not an invalid, and should be able to do some work, stand up and sit down, and take up wierd positions (like sitting on my knees or bending to pick stuff from the floor). Yesterday, just to be contradictory, i followed a colleague to the store and carried back 5 litres of softdrinks for an office party. If I can carry 12 kilos of Anjali, I am sure I can carry 5 litres of fluids.

Now, if husband and I plan to take Anjali to the beach on Sunday, would fate be eejit enough to make Sophia come out before that? Maybe we better make it an overnight camping trip with tents


  1. I remember I went to night safari with my mom and mil,fil, kiran just a week before I delivered. I met a friend there and she scolded me for roaming night safari ON FOOT so close to delivery. I think if I'd gone in labour, I might hv delivered in the wild????? hahaha. Have fun! dont get stressed and do what you feel is comfortable.

  2. btw, whts the name of the book?

  3. COngratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just got a phone call from MIL that You've delivered! let's hear about it onceyou are better and settled down. Best wishes to all family! From all of us here.

  4. Well! she did come out on maybe planning the camping on sun but not making it over night must have been good! =DDD


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