Friday, January 16, 2009

kids are a pain in the ...

My kid has started to know whom to manipulate and exactly how to do it. In the mornings she tries to prevent me from going to work, hard enough, but not too hard, because she knows it is going to happen anyway.

In the evening, the story is a bit more tricky. She knows that patti has to go home, and usually when patti is by herself does not turn too many hairs. But when thattha is here, it is another story, she knows that all rules come off when Thattha is there, and starts crying. And the bottom line was that thattha makes patti stay the night. Just because the imp opens her mouth.

And the worst thing is that the cheeky little brat knows this. And I get scolded when I say that she is getting spoilt and knows exactly how to manipulate people.

"She is just a baby. what does she know?"

Well, you'll be surprised!

While I am on the roll, I might as well be on a good roll. Thattha introduced Anjali to chocolates when she was about six months old. Against all my protests. Really expensive Godiva chocolates that cost about 40 dollars a bag (A bit of good and pure chocolate is good for the system).

Maybe it is. I could be very sarcastic and say that a bit of pure red wine is good for the system too and is recommended by doctors, but will keep my mouth shut for the time being.

And what did the chocolate do? The imp does not know the difference between Godiva and m&m but she knows that they are both chocolate. And the sweet tooth has kicked in.

Last week, at the NTUC cashier, Anjali pointed to all the sweet boxes saying that they are bleh bleh (thats my doing, as I didnt want to tell her that they were chocolate. Bleh bleh stuff has the same appeal to Anjali as lemons and salt and pepsi). Husband inadvertently told her that it was chocolate and immediately she wanted to buy m&m. We bought the smallest possible bag we could get to appease her, distracted her before she could open it and chucked it in the fridge.

Patti saw the m&m packet, thought that we are giving the kid bad chocolate and brought the Godiva box over (I personally think that the Godiva chocolate does not taste that exotic for the price you pay for it, but who listens to me?) I have no clue if Anjali is being fed chocolates without my knowledge

The imp doesn't even brush her teeth. She just doesnt. Sometimes, during her bath, she lets us brush her teeth with her finger, for two seconds flat. But after that she stops. A month ago, we got her a new toothbrush, kid size, and two toothpaste flavors, apple and strawberry. The novelty of it made her brush her teeth three times a day for a week. And then the whole thing stopped abruptly. Now she says that she doesnt want to brush her teeth and let the cockroach come and sit in the teeth if it wants to.



One of the nicest things that Tom and Stephanie has done over the new year is to remove their sweet stand that was near the cashier. I am glad. Anjali had been starting to form the habit of asking for a sweet each time we paid the cashier. Those are really ridiculous nno nutrition sweets, with jelly and a lot of sugar over them.

I am always worried about kids being brought up by their grandparents getting spoilt and indulgent. I guess in that way having Sophia will be to an advantage. Because it is easier to spoil one kid than it is to spoil two.

Sophia.. What tricks are you going to get up to when you come out??

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