Friday, January 23, 2009

Introduction to Sibling Rivalry??

Anjali is generally very understanding about Sophia. Perhaps it is because Sophia sleeps most of the time, perhaps it is because there are three people around the house and only one of them is with Sophia, leaving Anjali with the care of two people.

However I use the term generally, because it refers to times when she is awake and such. However, when she is cranky, it is another story. She is still very understanding. So these are only exceptional times. What triggers her is not the big things, like us carrying Sophia, or playing with her. It is usually some little things.

Situation 1: I got back from the doctor's yesterday with Sophia. Sophia was asleep, and we were sitting in the room with her, but playing with Anjali. Sophia got up at 5.30 for her milk. Now 5.30 is exactly the time when Anjali drinks her milk.

Mummy, no no. She exclaimed. And immediately began to cry.

Patti had to take her to give her milk, as we knew what the problem was. And then the problem sorted out.

Situation 2: Patti was singing Naan oru vilayattu bommai to Sophia. When Anjali was small, patti used to sing her this song. I had taken a video of her kicking thattha's veshti when patti was singing the song, and it was one of those videos that made the compilational DVD with Anjali's scenes which patti plays to her once in a while. During that scene, she sometimes has the inclination to kick patti or thattha when he is around as a kind of game.

So patti was singing the song to Sophia, and Sophia was kicking as usual, and quite inadverdantly, Sophia's kick caught patti.

"No Sophia No! Anniya!!"

It took patti a while to calm her down, and then she had to sit Anjali on her lap, sing the whole song to her, get kicked a couple of times before Anjali was happy enough.

Husband was carrying Sophia and showing her around the house, this thing and that. Anjali saw that and said.

"Daddy caiie Anniya!"

Daddy had to put Sophia down, the kid is too small to complain, and picked Anjali up. Then he had to make rounds with her around the house and show her everything, except that she was the one naming the plants and book shelf and stuff.
Like I said, at other times, she is very smiling and cooperative, though I have caught her looking intently at me at times.

She helps to take dirty nappies to the bin, get new sarees, sometimes to kiss Sophia and stuff.

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