Wednesday, January 7, 2009

An impeccable sense of logic: Part 2

Last night, husband and I took Anjali for a walk (supposedly for ten minutes) and after spending half an hour chasing after kittens, and (I kid you not) touching their moustaches exclaiming "meechai!" She made a beeline for the fitness corner and tried every single machine in the lot.

It was 9.30pm. Husband and I decided it was time to pack up.

"Anjali, lets go acasa!"

"No No!"

"Its almost ten. What do you do at ten?"


"Right. So Let's go acasa and do Korr"

Imp got off the fitness machine that she was playing in and put her head on the playground floor.

"Yes Yes, you are very clever. But lets go acasa and sleep. There is a soft bed there."

She didnt even bother to reply.

It took us fifteen minutes to get her off the fitness corner and at one point, we were considering going home and bringing sleeping bags.

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