Monday, January 5, 2009

An impeccabble sense of logic

Husband and I wanted to take Anjali to the nature park on Saturday. Among other things, there is a nice sand playground over there which we knew she would like. We left early in the evening. It was probably around 5pm. However, Anjali took a detour, and we ended up in a very small playground, with a explorable ladder which Anjali enjoyed. So by the time we actually left the playground, it was 6.45. I told husband that I wanted to buy a couple of things from the shops, so could we go to the market before returning home for dinner?

The imp, who had been playing ran up to me and kept saying "Mummy Shad Shad Shad".

"What is shad? Do you want me to stand?"

"No no. Shad."

"I dont understand, baby, can you show me?"

Then she made my mouth open.


"Right! You want sand!"

And so we went to the sand playground where Anjali spent a happy half an hour playing in teh sand until it got too dark to see by.

On Sunday we went for the walk at the bedok reservoir. Anjali, as usual, wanted to take off her shoes. The path was gravelly and as we couldnt convince her to put her shoes back on, husband decided to be sympathetic and took off his shoes as well. Anjali snatchhed up husband's shoes and tried to roll them on the ground.

"Anjali, do you want to do broom broom with daddy's shoes?" Asked husband encouragingly

"Dont give her any more ideas!" I chided

"I thought that's what we are supposed to do. Give her ideas to explore?" he retorted.

"Ok fine" I said, irritated at seeing good sandals get full off dust. "Anjali, do you want to throw daddy's shoes into the water?"

Then she made my mouth open again.

"No no. Iram!"

Sunday evening, I was discussing with husband as to what to ask the doctor in today's appointment. Anjali, who was playing at the time, said, at the sound of the doctor "No No"

"Anjali, mummy must see the doctor to ask about Sophia"

"No No!" (very vehemently)

"Why baby?"


Then I had to explain to her that the doctor wont put Ooshi on mummy but just check her up to make sure everything is alright.


But where does she get all these logic from? We were reading Dr Seuss Hop on pop and there is a page with


Three fish in a tree

fish in a tree? How can that be?

And every time we read that page, she opens her hand in exasperation, saying

"Apa!!!". Fish must be in Apa, how can they be in a tree??

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