Monday, January 26, 2009

The first of many concerts

Last night we had a concert in the house. i use the term concert quite loosely, in fact, it was more of a circus performance.

The small imp slept through the morning. I was starting to tell husband that I was concerned that she sleeps so much, and should a new born sleep as much as 20 hours a day? She must have heard and understood. Or how else would she decide that she would party till 1am in the morning?

And then it transpired that the sisters had conspired together. For yesterday was one of those days when Anjali tried to kick away her afternoon nap, slept from 5.30 to 8pm. And then she couldnt sleep at 11 as was her normal routine and had to stay up till 1am.

So Anjali went from room to room trying to get patti to play with her, but patti was burned out after 11pm. Sophia was fluctuating between waking and sleepiness, insisting that either mummy or daddy should carry her. So she was carried, mostly by daddy, while mummy tended to Anjali.

Daddy was nodding off by the time we put Sophia on bed, only that she would wake up 20 seconds later and ask to be carried. Anjali ate half a slice of bread at half past midnight and then decided that she could go to bed.

So both girls went on the bed, one drinking milk and the other talking nonstop until the first one drifted off to sleep. Then the second one drifted off while drinking her milk.

"I have two night owls", I told husband later. Or maybe it was before, for I am sure that both of us drifted off to sleep before the kids did.

"If this continues, then how will we get to work on time?"

"You know, it could be worse, they could both be crying. Atleast it is not a musical concert!"

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