Thursday, January 22, 2009

An afternoon to remember

I guess confinement wth Anjali brought out a wild streak in me. On saturday evening we took Anjali to West Coast Park. We had a grand time. It was especially memorable, because we decided to take the whole afternoon off without Anjali's diapers, armed with just a plastic bag and about five changes of pants. After all, it was just a trip to the park.

We finished the park, went to West mall, where I ordered the spiciest pasta around (Husband thinks that all that chilli must have made Sophia decide that it was time to come out before mummy did something more drastic)

I guess we were all tired because the diaper accident happened just when we were about to leave the restaurant. We just lost track of time. Still it was five hours. The longest ever outing that we had sans diapers for Anjali.

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