Friday, August 29, 2008

Updates on reading

I had given the Doman inspired parenting a bit of rest, or rather I had taken a break from making new materials for Anjali for a couple of months, being busy with work and other stuff. Now we have restarted again. Here are the new books. Her favorite is still the cat and doog book

1. Shrek
2. Pictures from NASA of eartn and beyond
3. The Capseller and the monkeys
4. The hare and the tortoise
5. The lion and the bulls
6. What Anjali did at the zoo (Another favorite)
7. The water cycle
8. Rembrandt's paintings (under progress)
9. Daddy's sketches (under progress)

And some books in planning
10. Micro and Macro
11. Anjali at the playground
12. and a major project which keeps going around in my head is the alphabet project.

In addition to that granpa got a very beautifully illustrated Ramayana from India a few months ago. And Anjali loves to hear the story, especially when it comes to Kumbakarna snoring

i wont have believed it if I hadnt seen with my own eyes

My daughter, my little baby, is now starting to take an interest in clothes and jewellery. I am so overwhelmed that I could cry. But that is possibly because i am hormonal or something.

When Nisha aunty ironed patti's clothes, shhe told patti that she had some time. So is there anything else to iron? Patti wanted to give another saree to iron. But what did Anjali do? She went to her cupboard, brought out her butterfly shirt and asked nisha aunty to iron that.

And she wore the ironed butterfly shirt home in the evening.

And another day, she woke up, and found her bangles and my chain on the dressing table. So she specifically asked to wear them. Bangles and chains... on a girl who refused some time ago to wear clothes.

And now she shows preferences to clothes... Butterfly shirt, doggie shirt, crocheted top, blue pants (not the pink ones, not unless she is sleeping)

And when we pass the jewellery shop, she wants to look inside and especially wants to buy rings. (Doo they sell rings for babies? Never seen any before)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

What we do in the playground every evening

First we go up the ladder

Then we go on the shaky bridge, find the tallest point and swing

And swing some more
And then its down the slide.

After we do this about 10 times, we get bored of the routine and we go exploring, we say hi to dogs and cats, we look at cockroaches, ants and beetles. If we are lucky, we sometimes find a mouse. Sometimes we pick frangipani for putting in our hair and then we climb the street soccer ladder, try to slip between the bars. Then we land up in the other playground, watch people play badminton, then maybe goo up the slides in the other playground.

Or climb bigger ladders

Anjali in Salwar

Isnt she cute?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Why Anjali skipped a teeth

I looked it up, the babies get 8 incissors, and then 8 pre molars (with the last of them being the canines) and then the 4 molars. Good for Anjali.

Daddy's little heelper and perfect somersaults

When we go shopping, we never carry the bags. We let Anjali carry them.


Smile! Say Cheese!

Anjali has learnt how to smile at the camera. And isnt it a sweet smile?
And look at all those cutey teeth!! Now Anjali has got two premolars coming out. Any one knows why the pre molars come out before the canines do?

How Anjali got lost

It happened at the library yesterday evening. We were in the children's section, Anjali, daddy and I. Anjali and I were sitting near a section with animal books and daddy had gone to another section to look for more interesting books for Anjali.

After a few minutes, Anjali got bored with the ten or so books lying around her, and the various animals they represented.

"Appa, Appa", she said, getting up.

"Appa is on the other side". I told her

She ran away, saying "appa, appa". After half a minute, the sounds stopped, and I presumed that she had found appa.

So I put away the books and got up (being bulky, it takes me a lot longer to get up than it takes Anjali), walked a few paces and found husband flipping through a book.


"Where is Anjali?" I asked, standing on tip toe to peek behind the shelves

He shrugged. "I thought she was with you".

"No. She came to look for you. she said Appa Appa"

"Oh Oh"

"You take the children's section and I'll see the rest of the library"

So I stepped out. Scanning the rest of the library for a yellow clad imp. Then there she was, sauntering towards me from the library entrance looking casually over all the books and such on display.

She saw me, did an about turn and ran at top speed. I ran after her to catch her and determined not to let her out of my sight even for two seconds if I didnt know that all the exits are blocked.

Friday, August 22, 2008

more new words!!

This is getting exciting!

This morning Anjali put on her butterfly T-Shirt, and then she wanted the song.

"O Butterfly Butterfly", I sang "Yen verithai siragai. Ah ah"

"Ah ah", Anjali said laughing.

Then we went downstairs and we picked the daily ixora. Anjali is very interested in picking the petals from the ixora. So she picked the petals and this time said "pe"

Its some kind of single letter conversation. Other dialogs include
"What was Dhana mami wearing around her neck"

"Progress, receptivity, aspiration,...., goodness, courage"


"Maheshwari Mahakali Mahalakshmi Mahasaraswati"
Anjali spills food all over the floor.

"Anjali, who's going to clean up?"

Anjali points to the kitchen

"Open your mouth and tell me"

Cheeky grin and "paa"
Anjali drinks her milk and the rolls away with the bottle still half full
"Oi! Who's going to finish your milk?"

More cheeky grin and then

Anjali was walking towards patti's house today. Suddenly she stops and makes a beeline for a clump of grass between two tiles. She touches the grass, takes her hand away dissappointed.

I look down and see that they are plants that look like the mimosa, but are not mimosas.

"Those are not mimosas. lets keep walking, We'll find some on the way."

So we walked, and just below the stairs to patti's house found a clump of mimosas. Anjali amused herself for a minute touching the leaves and watching them close.

"Anjali, ce face mimosa?"

Anjali closed her fist.
Yesterday at the playground, Anjali was playing with Vineesya, Prabha, Nitin, Sapna and the little Jessica. And when the little Jessica (2.5 years) cried, we all looked around. Then suddenly Anjali began the Kamal Hassan cry (fake and dramatic).

"What's up baby?" I asked,  turning to her in puzzlement as I couldnt find anything wrong in her current situation.

Then it dawned on me that she was imitating Jessica's cry.

"How Jessica is crying?", we asked.

There is came again, swift, dramatic and loud.

And then out came the cheeky grin.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

paa vaa

Yesterday Anjali went with patti to the doctor. Patti had to go for her follow up appointment. All was fine until the madam went into the doctor's room and then the Concerto in D minor began. Luckily thattha had decided to take an hour off work to accompany patti and decided to take Anjali out (at the humble request of the doctor who couldnt make himself heard above the concerto)

As the consultation door closed behind her, with patti trapped with the doctor, the madam began her chant of "paa vaa, paa vaa"

Jayanthy's take on last night's business

I guess she is right, especially where she says that if I had scolded the child or picked a fight with the mother (no matter how high my temper was at that time), it may not necessarily have given the right impression to Anjali. So I am glad we kept quiet.


We live in this world. We are part of it. The "good" and "bad"
in it are all part of us as well. Yes there are levels of consciousnesses, and we probably wouldn't have climbed up the ladder without having had to touch on the lower steps. So, bec of this, you can reach out to what comes from the lower rungs with understanding and a goodwill that it would change.
Next, yes having seen that particular traits are less beautiful than others, we frown on the lesser of the two and reject it. We have more control if the lesser trait is in us. How about the other? With the greatest intention and the best of goodwill, without getting affected, one could address the issue on the spot as the inner inside tells us to do. If our reaction is from the surface as in reacting impulsively while all the emotions are brewing hot, then the outcome of a reaction may not necessarily be the best, since the consciousness put into it was not the best.
Then the sweet child. The sweet child will grow where he or she is placed, imbibing all the love and affection and the rest of the human traits that are displayed in the environment. She is probably developing a psychology which is going to be suited to a particular line of action and living. But she cannot live in isolation. She is going to interact with everything in the rest of the world. However, the impressions she forms in childhood will be live long and will give the idea about the sweetness of live and distribute it wherever she goes, or other wise. She will look to you as the significant others in her life for that foundation and path and of course in later years, rises beyond that. It is the example that you set that she will hold in her psychology for a long time. Something from last night's incident would have entered her. If you reacted the way you did to show her that mummy and daddy care for you and therefore we will scold the child to make you feel better, then I wonder if that is the right could also be emotional blackmail...In all situations if you reacted calmly, knowing fully well the depth in the psychologies of the parties involved, some things of worth will unfold and the child learns...whatever she is supposed to learn, for the path she is going to embark on for the future....we will have to see...
You are also a facilitator. You deal with many children...all these children may also have in them some (what we term) negative tendencies. How are we going to deal with them? The same principles of going deeper into the situation and maintaining a calm that is not shaken by outward appearance applies. And to recognise the divinity within also.
The child at the playground manifested the traits spontaneously. She may have seen this kind of behavious in her everyday life...and there are many kids out there, like this...get into a public school and you would know...these are consciousnesses formed by that kind of consciousness that feed their lives...i.e. their parents and others around them. Approach the child with the staunch belive that Krishna is within her too (even if you do not see it that way). Perspectives will change. If you really cannot deal with it, leave the scene immediately, for the good of all. The decisions you make on the spot will be conscious ones ... and like that everything unfolds.
Be a Sadhika.

How would you handle this?

Yesterday night, before bed time, Anjali was in the playground as usual. She was playing, first in the playground far away, getting to the slides, and watching a three year old boy hanging upside down from the bars. It was just past nine and we decided to bring her home to get her to bed.

As we walked across the exercise area, Anjali wanted to get down and play with the exercise equipment, namely the treadmills and the rotating disc. She and daddy had a good time on the rotating disc for five minutes. Then, out of nowhere, came another child, not very old, perhaps two and a half. This girl wanted to play in the exercise area too. Well, that was fine with us, the area was plenty enough for ten children.

Then we began to notice that the child kept recognizing Anjali's intentions and kept beating her to where she wanted to play (First one treadmill, then the other, then back to the rotating discs.). This kid was bigger, and therefore faster to run and climb. That was fine with us too, kids play all the time in some sort of competitive spirit.

Then she began to push Anjali off the rotating disc (despite the fact that there were two). At this point Anjali began to retaliate, using her (much less considerable) 16 month strength against the bigger girl, not giving her the opportunity to climb on to Anjali's disc. But ofcourse, she souldnt win, as the other kid was bigger, so husband and I encouraged her to go on the other disc. The other child understood us and then jumped across. Anjali tried to be understanding, came back to her original disc, and started twisting, with her hand on the support bar. The other kid began to shake Anjali's hand off the support bar.

At this juncture, Anjali turned to us to complain. We were a bit helpless, as we didnt quite know how to handle it, and chided the other child for doing these things. But things began to heat up, and when the other child kept pushing Anjali out of her disc, going so far as to step on Anjali's hand, causing Anjali to cry in disappointment and pain, we took Anjali away, glared at the girl and went away.

Husband told me later, "With this situation, you either do two things, either you tell the child that if she does this she will play alone all the time, or you go to the child's mother and tell her what the child did".

The child's mother had been sitting on a bench ten meters away, with (probably her younger baby) in a stroller and talking on the phone. I had been about to talk to the mother when i noticed the baby and that she was talking on the phone and didnt say anything.

But what causes a 30 month old baby to behave in this fashion? Its a touch of intentional cruelty, which definitely should be discouraged. and why didnt her mother step in when she saw her child behave like that, as husband and I definitely would have done had we seen Anjali behave like that in public.

I cant make judgments on the behavior of other parents, though it makes me wonder. However, I wonder at what kind of impression children and people like these would make on Anjali, who has so far been doted on by family and friends, her every antic getting video and photographic coverage, and plenty of appreciation. There will definitely come a time when she would have to move beyond this circle of doting people and face people who may not think she is such a super wonderful smarty pant. I am sure all of us have traversed this path with various kinds of markings when we were kids. But how best to handle this when we have a sensitive, sweet child in our hands?

After last IEP, I read a passage by The Mother about the harm of leaving children with servants, because they donot have as sophisticated a mind and inadverdantly pass this consciousness to the child. I guess that is true. But my biggest worry on that would be because the servant would not love the child as much as granma or granpa or mummy or daddy would. The Mother then said that there would come a time when the child moves into the outside world where he or she would have to meet people of different and negative natures, but the foundation of love and consciousness that he has had at home would help him get over this problem.

If I tell this to husband he will say that I am worrying unnecessarily over something that could be handled easily when the time comes, but reflecting over it has never done anyone harm.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


As I remember how Anjali went all quiet for a couple of days after the flight to India (probably shocked by the flight and change in atmosphere). Then Sandhya played Thiruvasagam for me to listen, and suddenly the kid began to kick. i remember telling this to Chitra Chitthi. Maybe there is something to all this talk about baby Mozart and such, that good music is really good for the baby in the womb.

Of course, at that time, I was only about 5 months up the pole... and these people were seven

A Tamil couple living in Germany thanked maestro Ilayaraja, which also left the music director stunned, for the great medical miracle that he performed unwittingly. The incident was reported in a well-known magazine recently. Well, it seems that a few months ago the young couple was told by the doctors in Germany that the child in the mother's womb showed no movement.

The worried couple went back home and turned on their music set to listen to Ilayaraja's Thiruvasagam. Surprisingly, the lady started to feel the baby kicking. They repeated the music many times and felt the same result. The doctors were also surprised when the lady delivered the baby a few months later through normal labor.

As a token of gratitude, the couple recently visited the maestro to pay respects and express their gratefulness.

Now, that's a true medical miracle from the maestro!

Monday, August 18, 2008

why you need to chase after Anjali with her veggies

It is important to give Anjali her veggies before you give her the rice or more importantly, the yogurt rice. for the simple reason that when she sees the yogurt rice she refuses, point blank, to eat her veggies. Any ideas on how to solve  this  problem??

Usually the veggies go in alright if they are mixed with cheese. And fruits usually go in fine, especially if they are strawberries or peaches. Bananas go in a bit harder, but they are generally ok. But always, the yogurt rice must be brought out at the very end.

At the office family day

Where is Anjali? Clue: Look for an exploring imp near where I am

Where is Anjali? clue: She is wearing yellow, and is still an exploring imp.
Family shot. Of course, this prevented Anjali from exploring, so she was not very happy.
back to exploration with keen eyes and a concentrated expression

The thing Anjali liked the most was the inflatable jumping thingy. At first she was amused that it made her fall, but soon (give or take about half an hour), she figured out how to handle it, and how she should step on the ridges. So the problem got solved.

The thing she didnt like at all was how people kept blowing the air horn at the start of the games. No sirree, she wanted to have a competition as to who was louder, the airhorn or Anjali crying. I'll leave you to find out who won.

It got a bit too hot and a bit too noisy for us towards the end of the day, so we took sanctuary in the little apartment showflat at Hort Park where they have all those plants in the hose, and Anjali amused herself by quietly playing with us.

Oh, and she spilled water and apple juice on her clothes and ate her first icecream (sweet corn), well, she took about four bites, saying cold each time, and then stopped eating. And she had fun feeding the fish, to whom she gave bits of her own sandwich.

Singing in the rain

Just around the time Anjali was born, husband get me to watch singing in the rain. It was a nice film, but what I enjoyed the most about it was the bit about the soundless films.

Daddy and Anjali went to the swimming pool on Sunday morning. After swimming, daddy dressed Anjali up and then packed the bags.

The imp shot off like a rocket, just out of ear shot of daddy

And bumped into a lifeguard.

"The life guard must have asked her something, I couldn't hear", reported husband when they returned, as I was running after Anjali trying to get her to eat her vegetables before I brought out the yogurt rice."He must have asked where is your daddy. She turned around and pointed to me. I was standing there and waving to her. The guard then must have told her to go to her daddy. Because she turned around, waved bye bye to the guard and ran right back to me. My daughter is learning real world skills, She had her first real conversation with a stranger!!"

All morning husband kept thinking of the moment, chuckling to himself.

"It was just like watching those soundless movies", he kept saying.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bed time stories

And answers to important questions

Questions answered include:

Identities of family and friends, including Dhana mami, Vishnu anna, mummy, daddy, patti, anna, atthai and her favorite thattha

Animal stuff, like hippos fruit bats and lemurs

Pouring and drinking apa

Looking at photos

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Enjoying the waves

And keeping water out of our shoes

Good advice gets tossed in the face

In this house no body respects good advice. infact, it gets tossed in the face, along with Anjali's shirt.

Well, dunking her in water cured the running nose completely though, so you got to give credit where credit is due

bees saal pehle

Twenty eight years ago what did patti have in her thoppai?


Then what was patti doing?

(mime joola joola)

Then patti fell down

(mime fall down)

Then what happened?

(Mime crying)

And then what did patti get in her leg?

"Ouuah" (thats wound)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

proof of ancestery

Husband and I were astounded yesterday when Anjali began swinging from the bars in the playground. Didnt have a camera with us, but mean to take one tonight, so watch out for the video.

Then we came back and wanted to play with the brush to clean the toilet and threw a tantrum when we didnt let her.

Another tantrum yesterday afternoon when she tried to climb inside the fridge and granma didnt let her

I should get a video of her tantrums one of these days.

For the record

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

more anjali cute stuff

Anjali has been spending the weekend recovering from a fever. On Sunday, she slept through most of the evening and woke up just when husband and I were about to have a dinner of baked vegetables. I tried to coax Anjali into eating some potatoes, but no go, she was not very interested. So she sat on my lap and watched as i picked up my vegetables and dipped them in chutney before eating them.

Suddenly a hand shot out and picked a piece of potato. Anjali dipped it into chutney, liked the chutney, dipped the potato, licked the chutney etc.

"Anjali, you must bite the potato" I said. "Its potato with chutney, not chutney with potato"

"Anjali, here's a softer potato, its easier to bite", said husband.

Anjali ignored him

"Anjali, why dont you take this potato from mummy's plate", I said, picking the potato that looked the most juicy, and giving it to Anjali

Anjali ignored me also.

I left her alone to hone her chutney eating skills and continued to eat from my plate.

But husband couldnt sit there and watch his precious (and sick) princess eating a very roasted potato with chutney. So he kept the very juicy potato on my plate, at the corner closest to Anjali, so that she could reach and take it when she wanted to. And perhaps the sight off the soft potato in front of her nose will appeal to her more than what we told her.


Anjali, who was watching this exchange, perched on my lap like a koala bear, shot a hand out and picked up the juicy potato.

She spared it half a glance and put it back in her father's plate.

I hadnt laughed so hard in weeks.