Thursday, January 31, 2008

What have I done?

Well, it all began when bunica and tata Sile left for Romania. It boiled down to one of us leaving Anjali in the morning with granma and picking her back in the evening. Pretty much all of Anjali's essentials were replicated - moisturizing cream, nappies, diapers, clothes, toys divided into half...

We ran into a problem with the potty. The solution was to buy a second potty for granma's house, and husband and I went on a quick trip to find the same one as the pink potty. However, they were out of stock, and we found instead a blue one shaped like a car. One potty is the same as another, we thought, and bought the blue one.

The blue one, however, was too big for Anjali. She wasnt comfortable with sitting in it. We didnt want to force her. So granma started the habit of getting Anjali to pee in the bathroom sink. That was comfortable and it was no hassle.

But the problem was that, when Anjali came back home, she refused to sit in the pink potty - the successful pink one that she had liked so much before. She began to arch her back every time we went near it. So what did I do?

I took her to the bathroom sink. And that, she was comfortable with, no problems. Stand on sink, pee, wash, wipe with towel (she likes that part best).

Husband is not amused.

"You know, I brush my teeth in that sink." he said. "And sometimes in the mornings, when i am befuddled with sleep, I drop my toothbrush into the sink and pick it up and brush my teeth with it."

The man has some peculiar ideas about hygine. Yesterday i caught him giving a soup spoon to Anjali to play with, after he had eaten sambar from it.

"Its full of spice" I said.

"Well, Its pretty much clean"

"Even worse, its full of mouth bacteria"

"Well, if you put it that way..." and he took the spoon away

He may have some wierd motions about hygine, but he is amenable, thank heavens!

Well, so am I. I let Anjali to pee in the sink this morning, but remembered to pour some dettol into it.

I respect husband's toothbrush and befuddlement states.


Well Mozart began to play the piano when he was four. What do you call a girl who plays at 10 months?

some cool stuff

Husband says this is an unique moment. Because ten minutes after this video was taken, I was in the guest room doing some things and husband and bag of tricks walked in kicking the ball.

"Its her fourth consequtive correct kick. I think she got the technique. What you got was the learning process"

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What we do with gold

Granpa came back from india yesterday adn brought back gifts from all of Anjali's grand uncles - two gold chains were among the gifts brought, one from periyappa and one from chittappa. Anjali first dropped the chain when I gave it to her and went for the box, but after a while she got very fascinated by the texture of the chain that periyappa got her, since it was a very slinky one. So she began to play with it.

Even then, the box held more fascination to her than the chain itself =) If this preference for boxes over gold chains persists for another 20 years, husband will consider himself very lucky.

But somehow I dont think so, since one of Anjali's favorite toys is my bangle.

Monday, January 28, 2008

An intimate granma granddaughter moment

An intimate mother daughter moment

As husband calls it.

Why you need to keep your eyes open around Anjali


Well, it might be something to do with being brought up by a spiritually inclined granma, but Anjali can say "Altar", and that is before she can say mama and dada. Well, she can say mama, dada, but she likes saying altar much more.

Husband took her walking in granma's house adn Anjali went to the prayer room.


"yes Anjali, thats an altar"

When I came home, i took her walking and husband followed. We reached the prayer room and


Hsband immediately got excited

"You know what she is saying?"

"She said ata"

"No. she is saying altar" (to Granma) ""she said altar again"

Now anjali says "altar" for everything. Well, not really everything, but we think that she says "altar" for everything that is beautiful, like light. Husband thinks that it is because there is a lamp in the altar and that is light.

Another thing that Anjali has learnt is the attributes of The Mother. Thats also attributed to granma.

Now, whe you say "Progress, receptivity, aspiration", she gets very excited, crawls to the altar and looks at the symbol of The Mother there.

Friday, January 25, 2008

the babywearer, me

i have graduated from babywearing with the buckled sling, to the cross carry, to the straight carry, which is so convenient and fast. Its easy early in the morning to just tie her up and take her to granma's house in the bus.
Similarly, an evening walk is so easy with Anjali in the sling, than with her in the stroller. she can babble all she wants, look at me, and when she is bored, chew the fringe of the duppatta.
And duppattas are smaller than the saree I used for the cross carry. So there is no reason to trail fabric all over the pavement.
The next step in the project - the rucksack. Good luck with that.

How father and daughter spend their early mornings

One plays all day and gets her sleep at night (so photos have to be taken in the wee hours of the morning)

The other plays computer games till 2am (though he tries hard to convince me that it was only till midnight) and sleeps until 7.15 on weekday mornings.

Nice pair they both make =) all cuddled

granma's trials

Granma called this afternoon.

I cant leave your daughter on the floor and get my lunch. She does not want to sit by herself and cries, even if I tell her that I will be back in two seconds.

The stubbornness is going up. Husband says that Anjal has developed a character over the past couple of weeks. I agree. She has developed her own unique sweetness, laughter, interaction. She has also developed stubbornness and a neat algorithm of fake crying to get what she wants. A very ooptimized algorithm it is too. if we put it into a system, we would make a lot of money, it has the ability to persuade someone to give it exactly what it wants.

So the bottomline was that granma had to wait for a long while to cut a brinjal. "it has been washing in water for the past half an hour". And finally granma had her lunch by putting a bunch of macaroni on a plate, with some yogurt, letting Anjali have her free reign with the plate and the macaroni, and then sitting in front of her eating.

Danger averted in the nick of time

Yesterday evening Anjali was cruising the house as usual, picking things on the house as usual, and putting them in her mouth as usual.

I was more than tired, 6 hours of long discussions (some circular) at the office and assumed that she was eating puffed rice that had been given to her in a bowl, but which, through some strange magical process had fallen to the ground, through no fault of Anjali. And the poor girl was hungry, or craved puffed rice, so go ahead and eat it off the floor.

two minutes into watching her chew, I felt something was wrong. She was chewing much too long for it to be a piece of puffed rice.

"Anjali, open your mouth", i said.

"let her" said husband. Husband has a moral policy against taking something out of Anjali's mouth. If it is not suitable for her she will spit it out.

And pigs fly upside down in boats made of amethyst and rubies

I respect husband's policy, for the most part, so didnt try to force her mouth open and fish out what Anjali was eating. After all, in all probability, it was puffed rice. but I kept a much closer watch on her, all the while mumbling to husband that something was wierd.

Then, one opportune moment, I saw the thing that she was chewing on sticking out of her mouth.

It was much too large for puffed rice.

It was much too silvery for puffed rice too.

It had a very odd shape.

I pounced and fished it out.

it was a piece of aluminium foil. As big as a pea seed.

Now I am sure husband will change his mind about fishing stuff out of Anjali's mouth, especially if you didnt see what went in go in.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

conversation with bunica

Bunica: How is Anjali?

Husband: She is fine - getting up to new tricks every day

Bunica: I wanted to call you because I am afraid she will fall

Husband (knowing that the jumparoo fell on the shop shelf one day before): why

Bunica: She may fall from her car

Husband: She doesnt play with the car too much (this is true, but husband conveniently omitted out that she pushes the stools and chairs and everything, and so quickly changes the subject), Anyway do you know that she talks on he phone...

O Bunica, you are paranoid, but with some good reason :)

Monday, January 21, 2008


Anjali thinks that everything is a phone. woodden blocks, waterbottles, remote controls, the actual phones... she puts them in her ear and says "eeuh", that, I guess means "hello" 
Last night, husband took a video of Anjali doing mischief. After that she innocently put her hand out for the camera. When husband refused, she put her hand to her ear, saying that, I think, she wanted to use it as a phone.

o husband, what big trouble you are in...

Anjali has a big crescent shaped bruise just under her left eyebrow. here's the story of how it came about.
Husband was exploring merchandise in a baby swimming shop and wanted Anjali to try on a swim vest.
Anjali didnt want.
Husband wanted.
Husband sat down and tried to put the dress on the jumparoo.
And the jumparoo did what jumparoos are bound to do in such situations.
it jumped.
The girl, I mean, not the suit.
She jumped from husband's arms and hit the shelf
Husband caught her.
She was terrified of trying on the swim vest. She said, I dont want a vest to swim, I dont need it. I swim like a fish already.
And she did exactly as a fish would do when out of water.
She jumped again (I know that it seems a long time, but actually the time between the first and second jump was about zero point two milliseconds)
Husband caught her
but by then she had hit her head against a shelf. Ouch!
The poor thing was shocked. Fish seem to flop up and down without hurting too much.
Maybe dearie, but you are not a fish. you might just need that swimming vest.
Husband was terrified now. he rushed her to a toyshop opposite and dunked her in front of a large toy (the ELC sand and water player). She played, all the while saying sniff sniff.
The sniff sniff was heartbreaking, so husband went into the shop and brought out a set of baby windchimes for Anjali to amuse herself with. It worked. She stopped crying. She even smiled
Until she took one of the chimes and put it in too deep into her mouth. Then the waaaa began all over again.
Later husband explained the reason behind putting Anjali in front of the sand and water table
"She stood up, her legs were alright. She held the table, that means her hands are alright, she reached for the toys in the tub, that means her eyes are alright..."
The bruise went pink by the end of the day and is hardly visible now. Infact, some of the scratches she gives herself with her nails are more serious than the one she had, but it did terrify the living daylights out of both of us when she fell.

Ever seen a 9 month old do yoga?

Baby.. your granpa is going to be so proud of you!!

More tantrums

Friday Night: After the playground episode

Mummy: Lets go back to granma's house, wash her up and then take her home

(Anjali has run, walked, crawled, rolled, climbed and done all possible gymnastics in the playground)

At the elevator lobby, mummy suddenly finds a little pinkie inching its way towards a little mouth. Now Anjali does not eat her fingers too much (she is more interested in eating what her fingers can hold on to). So mummy knocks the finger off the mouth, because mummy is genuinely alarmed about the dirt in the playground going into the little mouth.

Waaaaaa Waaaa

Lift reaches granma's floor

Husband: Now your granma and granpa are going to think we are ill treating you

Waaa Waaa Waaa

Granma (alarmed, opens the door), has heard Anjali screaming from the elevator lobby

Anjali (sees granma makes arms to her) then in one long fake fluid tune: waaaaaaaaaaaa

And later....

tantrums galore

Yesterday evening, at IMM mall, a little fist covered in spit (as in baby saliva) smacked against a (very) clean glass door of a (very) expensive display cabinet in a (very) fancy furniture shop.
before any of us had time to react, the little fist opened up into a little palm and tried to use saliva as glass polish to make that (very) clean glass door even cleaner.
We knocked the fist off and a little face screwed up and a little mouth opened into a not so little tantrum.
Waa waa waa .
We rushed out of the shop mumbling a hurried apology to the assistant, leaving a not so little stain of baby saliva on the glass door.
I am sure he can use some glass cleaner to clean it up very nicely
A while later, at the baby stuff shop, we saw a very nice sling wrapped baby. Husband and I are always looking for new babywearing instructions, and this baby was particularly well wrapped, so we decided to enquire (the baby was too small and the instructions didnt apply to kids as big as the bag of tricks we have at home...)
As we were talking, the lady was nice enough to take the baby out of her sling and show us how to wear her. A tiny two month old peeked out of the sling - with tiny feet and tiny hands. Our bag of tricks decided that her hands are cuter and she started to tap tap at the baby (she tap taps at all the babies smaller than she is) When we took the hands away...
Waaaaaaa Waaaaaa
A while later, husband and I were checking out slings (we are still looking for a babywearing method to wear Anjali when she sleeps. The current techniques are good but not for sleeping). Suddenly a little hand comes out from nowhere and grabs the instruction manual, scrunches it up and chews it.
A little slow to react, we pulled it out of her hand, and then
Waaaaaaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
The cute part is that all these are crocodile tears. Infact, they are so fake that she can stop them on demand and most of the waas are just waas.. no tears, no genuine effort.
Husband's tactics at this stage is to just ignore her and distract her by doing something else. I agree with him.

Anjali dancing to music

Anjali dancing to the cd of Romanian nursery rhymes

And the epurash song!!

At the playground

What is this?hey, its a tunnel!!
let's crawl through the tunnel...
On the other side!
There's a bridge
Across the bridge

Another angle...
At the other side of the bridge Down the slide
The tunnel again!!
In the middle of the tunnel

Interactions in the playground

Climbing up and down the slides (check out the speed :P)

Another turn around spiral slide. Too hard!!!

How much cuteness can four minutes sustain

This is Anjali "meditating" in Granma's altar room.

Granma has a notice there that says "quiet please". But does "quiet please" apply to Anjali?

infact, granma has another notice in the living room that says "Dear children, please be quiet", for her children in the class. two days after Anjali started spending her days with granma, the quiet please sign was on the floor (though how it could have gotten to the floor, I have no idea, it is about 3 feet off the ground) and granma resolved to put it up only on saturdays when the sloka children come.

She got the camera in the last few seconds of the video, so you will see all interesting angles.

Who is Anjali looking for?

Anjali and Granma are best buddies. The bag of tricks only laughs at what Granma says, though she sometimes grins at me with four teeth (the cheek!).

So who is Anjali looking for?

bed time bath fun

I added the splashing on the floor routine to Anjali's bedtime bath. And she loves it. At first, she anjoyed the water splashes on the floor as she batted it. Now she enjoys the water splashes as she claps her hands.

Talking about clapping, try singing gokulathu pasukkalellam to Anjali, she immediately will start clapping her hands.

Friday, January 18, 2008

smokers in the children's playground

I have tried hard to keep this blog light hearted and humorous. But this is one really serious issue and needs to be dealt with.

When I came back home yesterday, granma had a story. Anjali went to the children's playground and enjoyed herself. But she had picked up a cigarette butt and was about to eat it. But luckily, granma intervened in time and threw away the butt.

"There are lots of children in the playground" said granma "and Anjali's friend is another kid just a month older than Anjali. her maid brings her and takes care of her. But these children have so many limbs and move like lightning, that sometimes it is very hard to prevent them from eating stuff"

Husband and I are mostly ok with Anjali eating stuff, even more ok than granma. But we draw the line at batteries and cigarette butts.

But how did that offending item get on the playground? Maybe the wind blew it. Maybe it apparated into the playground. Maybe there is a cigarette manufacturing factory concealed under the carpet of the playground...

The mystery, however, was solved when I was bringing Tutu back from granma's house. A group of kids, no more than 14 or 15 years old, were sitting in the playground, smoking. There were more kids sitting in the tunnels that the children play in, and smoking there.

I got so angry that I told them off and asked them, quite politely, considering how angry I was, to take their cigarettes somewhere else.

Why I am putting this in the blog is because I know there are people out there reading this blog. If you see anyone smoking near or in a kids' playground, please tell them off. For one thing, it is dangerous to the kids to handle and eat cigarette butts. For another thing, the smoke and ash stick to the surface of the play things. Kids put their hands there and then put their hands in their mouths.

So please help in this. babies dont know what they are eating. Teenagers need to be taught that they are responsible, not just for themselves, but for others too.

Here is the children's playground smoking law in Queensland. they ought to have this in Singapore too.

Children's playground equipment
Passive smoking can have significant health effects on children. The breathing in of tobacco smoke by non-smokers can lead to harmful health effects in the unborn child, and middle ear infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, asthma and other chest conditions in children. It is also linked to sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

In 1999-2001 in Queensland, exposure to passive smoking caused an estimated 21 deaths per year in children aged 0-4 years.

To further protect children from the harmful effects of exposure to passive smoking, the Queensland Government has introduced new smoking bans around children’s playground equipment.

Since 1 January 2005, smoking is illegal within 10 metres of children’s outdoor playground equipment situated at a place that is ordinarily open to the public.

shopura shopura

the shopura dancer =). This time round ti took her a while to warm up, but the dance got there. Look carefully, you can see the legs lifting off the floor in each swing.

This girl is going to ballet

A perfect evening

Yesterday evening was perfect. I had had dinner almost ready and husband had doen most of the housework before I brought Tutu home from granma's. So all that was left to do was to feed, play and enjoy Anjali in the evening.

And enjoy we did.

I spent a very nice half an hour building towers for Anjali to knock over. we have a lot of stackin toys, wooden rings, cubes, buckets, miscellaneous shapes, balls. And it is as much fun for me to stack them as it is for Anjali to knck the stack over. And Husband and I come with interesting shapes to knock (its like playing Uno stacko). We stack as fastly and as creatively as we can and try to get the best possible shape. Husband makes alphabets, t's and o's, while I make really taaaaalllll towers, that lean in all sorts of directions.

In the meantime, the tutu knocks a tower, grabs a block, a ball or whatever, and plays with it. When she gets bored, she knocks another tower. Its a cute game.

As an accompaniment to the game, husband put on the audio book of a briefer history of time by stephen hawkins. I think we listened to a whole chapter on why the earth was round before we stopped. (Not because the book was not interesting, but because Anjali started to get bored with the tower)

Then it was time to wash up, so off we went to the bedroom. There the washing bowl got upsetted on the floor mat, and we (Tutu and I) had lots of fun with the spilled water. She would bang the water and it would splash and she would bang it again. She has so much fun with the water that I am thinking of making it a regular feature int he nightime routine - should be careful with the bed though.

Then it was story time and in she went to bed.

The perfect evening.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Extract from a mail to Swati

Swati had sent a video with Ananya dancing to music. Here is the link
Its nice to know that all kids have the rapid fire head shaking routine.
It is even nicer to know that they dont twist their necks in the process.
I sent a reply about the bag of tricks' dancing obsession with shepura shepura. Here's the excerpt.
Anjali has this favorite song, called epurash epurash (from a selection of children's songs) everytime we play it, she starts dancing. the funny part is my mom initially didnt undertand the words, but played the cd anyway because Anjali enjoyed the song so much.

Then my mom interpreted the qord as shepura shepura (u know, the mara - rama thing) and now if you say shepura shepura to Anjali, she drops anything she is doing, stands up holding on to the nearest thing, and starts dancing.

Should get a video of that for the blog :)

Darling Anjali, your clothes get more and more sexy

There are these clothes which are very covering and the kind that bunica approoves of

Then there are these that shocked bunica when she first came, but learnt to close her eyes and turn in the other direction after a few weeks.

Then these are these, whose existence that bunica doesnt know of... or her hair would turn white with shock

And then there is this, which looks perfectly acceptable and long and nice and traditional

until to turn her to the back

For technical specifications, the top is just a piece of cloth with six strings attached to it.

pushtoys galore

Anjali has a push toy at home and it is with this that she took her first steps.

But it is not very practical shuffing the pushtoy along with Anjali in the mornings and taking it back in the evenings, it is kind of big.

So, we decided to leave the push toy at home.

But that does not mean that Anjalio doesnot have anything to walk with. She invents pushtoys.

From stools, chairs, people, granma crawling and Anjali pushing granma 's back and walking...

New trick 1: talking on the phone

features: puts phone to ear and replies at regular intervals and pregnant pauses

favorite correspondent: granma, sometimes, if in good mood, responds to mummy

accidents: broke black phone at granma's house. desires whole heartedly to break white phone at granma's house also.

cute stuff: recognized that small green receiver attached to the round play toy is the same stuff that rings and makes noise, aka phone. Doesnot understand why it is not cordless and tries hard to pull it.

othe minor tricks: sitting doown from standing. She has gotten it but plops the last 20cm or so

Monday, January 14, 2008

My most embarassing mummy moment

This one tops the "leaving diaper in the rugsack for three days" entry.

Early sunday morning Anjali was wiggling around more than usual. Me, sleeping next to her, tried to cuddle her and noticed her back was wet. Touching the bed, it looked asif the bed was wet too.

"Diaper leak" I concluded, although how that diaper could have leaked was a big question. We try to put Anjali's diaper in all sorts of position - standing, belly down, crawling (cant get the girl to stay still for long enough to put on the diaper). So probably it was off center or something. Happens once in a while, so it was nothing to worry about.

Husband took off the sheets and put them to dry, and the mattress protector also. In the evening, the sheets were dry and put back on the bed.

Whoever said that baby pee does not smell should be fined.

a million dollars.

Sunday Night:

I was cuddling Anjali to sleep, as usual, when I noticed a strong smell around the vicinity of my nose. A bit like ammonia. Very strange. Maybe she had peed on my clothes and i had not noticed... Cant be. I usually notice something that strange. Maybe I should change my clothes. So I went and changed my clothes.

Coming back to the cuddling, the smell was still there. So it wasnt my clothes. Doesnt matter. I fresh clothes make you sleep better. Then I called husband

Me: "Something smells funny"

Husband sniffed

"Yes. her hair smells funny. When did you last wash it?"

Me: "I think my mom washed it on Friday"

husband: Maybe younshould have washed it after coming from the swimming pool

Me: It was not smelling two hours ago

Husband: Besides, she has a cap at the pool.

Two minutes later...

Husband: Maybe some food got in her hair. She was playing a lot with her food this evening. Mayonnaise, or asparagus... might smell like this.

By this time, Anjali was tossing around, whether due to the smell or due to the whispering, I was not sure.

I went back to breastfeeding her to calm her down, and whispered, in a lower voice to husband

Me: What should we do? I cant let her sleep all night smelling like this.

Husband: Maybe we should wash her hair.

Me: But she is sleeping. Its 10 at night!

two minutes later...

Me: Let's see if she goes back to sleep. If not Iwill give her hair a quick wash and put her back to bed.

You could see that none of us were inclined to introduce a late night bath.

But Anjali went to sleep. And I went outside to get a drink. Husband stayed with her. Three minutes later I came back in with my drink and husband said

I know what it is. It is not her hair, it is the sheets. She peed on them

Huh - I said stupidly. - Her hair is smelling. How does that work?

And then we remembered that the sheets were just dried, not washed after the morning's diasater.

My brain cells dont work too well at night.

"What shall we do... maybe I can put a cloth over the sheets"

Husband: Dont be daft. Pick her up ad I'll change the sheets

Me: Right

Like I said, my brain cells dont work too well after 9 or 10pm.

So I picked Anjali up, husband changed the sheets, we put her back in the bed, and all was well again.

When i finally got my drink for the night (microwave reheated), husbad said

"We are such lousy parents"

Maybe we are. maybe we are not. But we are learning.

And today's lesson was to smell the sheets before putting them on the bed.

And to smell them twice if they are put in the wrong direction

And to think twice before drawing illogical conclusions

I mean, Anjali can eat her toes, but even she cant pee on her own head.

A lesson learnt well

Some time ago, i wrote about potty training. I left it a little abstract, but later decided that the documentation on Anjali's babyhood has to be complete, and that means everything, her acheivements, tricks, our acheivements, tricks, goofs, to the best of my knowledge and time. And that should include potty training.
The above is a picture of Anjali sitting in her pink potty. She has two, a pink one for our house and a blue one for granma's house.
A week ago, I read an article on elimination communication, how it is possible to keep babies off diapers for the most part, so that they are toilet trained by the end of their first year. Husband and I wanted to (cross our hearts) keep Anjali off disposable diapers from the time she was born.
But the first few weeks were difficult. Every night, we had to wake up every ten minutes to feel under the sheets for pee, and when the sheets were wet, we had to lift Anjali from bed, change the sheets and put her back. That was not so bad, but the worst bit was that Anjali had to sleep on a rubber sheet, so that she would not spoil the bed sheet. I didnt like the idea of putting the baby on a rubber sheet, people said it was heaty. Yet, there didnt seem to be any solution.
Then Swati came by when Anjali was about three weeks old. Ananya was three months older than Anjali, and was on diapers almost 24/7. Diapers were ok, she explained. They donot cause rashes. You just have to be careful about changing them.
We were not very convinced. then she suggested something that was the solution to our sleep problem. Put her on diapers for the night. She said. Then you dont have to stay awake, and you dont have to disturb her sleep by lifting her all the time. For husband, not disturbing his precious diamond did the trick more than him not getting sleep. The crazy guy was always crazy about his daughter. For me, it meant no rubber sheets.
So it was settled. We woud shange her diapers about twice during the night, and after three weeks, started sleeping four hour stretches, waking up just to feed her.
During the day, she was still on the rubber sheet. I still didnt like that, so we shifted her to the floor. Anjali would be on a piece of cloth on the floor all day and shifted to the bed at night. That was good, It gave her a lot of room to move around, and it solved the rubber sheet problem. Floors are easier to clean than mattresses.
Two months ago when bunica came along, she suggested getting a potty. We werent sure how Anjali would take to it, so put it off for another month, before finally getting one in early December.
Like I wrote earlier, Anjali took very well to the potty. Every hour or so, I would put her on the potty and say Anjali pee pee. And she would do immediately whatever needs to be done. After it was done, she would put up her arms to be picked up. And all would be well for an hour until the cycle repeats again. When she wakes up, she would go straight on the potty, so much so that now, even when we wait for a while before putting her on the potty, she has sort of learnt to "hold and release". If she didnt want to go, she would not stay, but get up immediately, and we would wait another 15 minutes before trying again.
This is on a good day.
On a bad day, she would refuse point blank to sit on the potty, arching her back whenever we made any show of putting her near it. Maybe she didnt want to do anything now. So we would let her play. And thirty seconds later would find a big puddle of water on the floor. Or worse, on the bed (at which point husband would take out all the sheets to dry).
Sometimes toys orked, but mostly they didnt. Anjali knows what she wants. And if she doesnt want to stay, no amount of toys would help her to stay longer than three seconds.

The model

When Bunica bought the yarn for me to make fancy clothes for Anjali, little did she expect the shape that the dress would take. To tell the truth, little did I expect too, what shape the dress would take. It is too scandolous (according to husband), but looks extremely sweet on the bag of tricks.
Anjali wore it for the first time and modelled it to Da family.
Bunica, if you are seeing this, please dont get scandalized, I did put pants on Anjali when we took her to the mall (avem pus pantaloni pe Anjali cand avem fost in West Mall :P)

Once we put the dress on her, she felt that this would be an extremely nice way to model it.
Of course, a full standing view is very informative and shows the patterns of the dress very nicely.
With mummy, the budding designer in babywearing
Another angle with mummy
With daddy on the road. Bunica, a fost cald pe strada :) Daddy was complaining that there were no pictures with him on the blog.
Back view. Please dont get scandalized. It is not as bad as it looks.
To placate bunica, (pentru se face faricit la bunica, cu pantaloni)

pentru se face scandal, este mancare pe jos, si eu manunc masa din jos. Noi avem avut mancare pe farfurie si Anjali pe jos. Dupa cinci minute Anjali a pus toate mancare pe jos, a stat pe farfurie si a mancat din jos. A coborat din farfurie inainte de se luam pose.

To make bunica scandalized (need to compensate for the pants, cant have bunica thinking that we have gone all conservative) we are eating food from the floor. We had food on a plate, Anjali on the floor. IN about 5 minutes, (maybe it was 30 seconds, time is a relative thing), Anjali had the food on the floor, sat on the plate and ate from the floor.

I AM NOT JOKING!! If you dont believe me, ask husband.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The latest

Our budding interior decorated decided yesterday that the latest in floor polish was...

peach juice.

And as processed peach juice would be too troublesome to make for the pilot test, she decided that peach pulp will be well enough.

And anyway, if there is pulp left on the floor we can always pick it up and eat it.



Mummy can pick it up and eat it.

After all, the floor is clean (kind of) and the peach is the one that granpa bought - which costs 2.5 dollars a peach.

Incidentally granpa buys fruits for Anjali that cost more than my entire grocery bill for the week. No idea what he is trying to prove by that. I suppose the fruits are organic or something like that.

Husband was delighted that Anjali was having so much fun, polishing the floor and making it slippery, that he didnt mind that the fruit was so expensive - when have you had so much fun for 2.5 dollars? - and it got him all annoyed when I suggested that her next bout of fun could be a bit cheaper, with bananas, for instance.

The worst part was that the peaches were supposed to be for Husband and me (the trick bag had already had her peach earlier in the evening). And at the end of the story, the peach was for me, just that I ate it out of the floor.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Making katti

For a girl who weighs less than a seventh of what I weigh, her attitude is quite big thing. Yesterday was the second time in three days that Anjali officially declared a katti (kutty are husband cutely puts it) with me.

On saturday, I was left with the responsibility of taking care of Anjali when husband was curled up in front of the computer nursing a toothache. The little girl was playing on my belly and suddenly made a dive. She had spotted a curl of my hair on the floor and wanted to yank it (see previous post on violent tendencies like hitting and yanking hair) I shifted and before I knew it, WHAM! Cheek and jaw had hit the floor from a height of three feet and we had our hands full of a screaming baby.

A screaming baby that, two minutes later went back to her jump on the bed game, acting very annoyed with me and showing her annoyance by giving surreptitious glares at me every few seconds of play.

Yesterday was more annoying (to her). to me it was plain amusing. I went back home late from work because of my classes and the little bag of tricks, who is used to seeing me at 7pm everyday, had been looking for me since evening. Every evening, when I come back home, she comes stright to me, gives me a hug, then stays on my lap for atleast ten minutes before going back to play.

But last evening, she came to me, gave me a hug a lot less warmer than her usual hug (as if she wanted to reassure herself that it was me and that all my body parts were in order),

then she turned her back firmly on me and went straight to granma!!

And started crying when i went away laughing to wash my feet.

A lot of attitude she has, my little girl!

Finished Anjali's frist croheted dress

Its a very sexy halter top. Photos coming very soon. Husband refused to let me put it on Anjali for the Sunday walk - there will be a lot of insects in the park - but I will put the dress on Anjali for a function - bhogi is coming up.

How work and cooking get done

This is a copy of an emailt o Akila

Ha :) It depends on what you classify as work, Anjali sleeps around 9.30, and we usually sleep between 11 and 12. When Anjali is awake, Adi does the noisy stuff - vacuming etc, while I hold her. And we also have to do things like running the mixie, cooker etc, because she gets scared of these noises when she is sleeping. After 10pm is the time for mopping, ironing and such things that you dont make noise with.

I also do a lot of baking, especially vegetables, because I can just toss them whole into the oven and set the oven for about 40 minutes while they get done and play with Anjali during this time. Got a lot of recipes from my mil about how to cook veggies in the oven and how to preserve them to toss into the fridge for use for about 2 or three days. (In Romania you get good veggies in summer but very expensive not good veggies in the winter, so she preserves her vegetables during the summer time and my fil puts them in sterilized bottles for use during winter. They do stews, jams, juices etc)

So the baking gets done during the evening when Anjali is awake, and when she is sleeping, I put together the food and put in the fridge. Some of the recipes are for cold food - cooked salads, pastas etc. Others can be warmed in the microwave, like soup. So only for Anjali I have to cook fresh everyday and that too in the weekend only, cos my mom cooks for her in the weekdays. Its important to schedule such that not more than one thing is dont everyday, because otherwise it will get to be too much.

Adi helps in a lot of things - vacuuming, laundry (drying and folding) etc. For me, I just do the mopping, ironing and cooking, so it is not so bad. Once a couple of weeks we have a cleaning woman come in to help with the sweeping and mopping to clean the corners that we have missed out. But otherwise it is ok.

Monday, January 7, 2008

An evening in the life

One evening, coming home after work, I found Granpa downstaris with Anjali in his arms.

"Husband not here?"

"He's upstais. His shirt is all wet"


"Why are you all wet?"

"What do you think?"

Husband can be very secretive about stuff, espcially if the answer is obvious and complimented by a grinning girl wanting to run from one end of the house to the other.

I guess all the marathon training comes in useful.

The next day husbad came home late from work and granpa tried to take over as running companion. Didnt work too well. Granpa didnt have any marathon training. So in the end, granpa had to pick up the bag of tricks and haul her downstairs for some relatively "quiet" time.

I might just be in for this if I am not careful

Here is an article I read at Motherhood's not for wimps. You got to hand it to Elizabeth, she can spin a horror story into something laughable.

I keep dropping hints to husband to buy me her book, but he keeps ignoring all the hints point blank. I guess he has enough drama at home to want more in the books he reads.. so he reads fairy tales like how the fairy made a mistake and made gems drop out of a girl's mouth.

Well, Anjali is still at the eating hair stage, and it will be a while before she can uncap a bottle of medicine and drink it, but knowing her, I bet it wont be that long. A few days ago I received a report from granma that she somehow managed to lift the teacup (it was stainless steel, not porcelain, thankfully), and drink tea from it. I suppose she saw granma drinking tea from the teacup and thought she might have a try too.

Well, there were only dregs in that cup, but still...

Yesterday, I was cooking and husband, feeling sore after his dental works, left Anjali in the floor of the kitchen, too tired to run after her until his shirt was full of sweat. Father and daughter plopped down on the kitchen floor. And what were they doing?

Eating cabbages that had dropped on the floor from the chopping.

a bit violent

I guess the phase comes. And what do you do when it does come. Anjali is, as do most kids at her age, able to do things that are kind of violent, like pulling hair, and hitting people on the face. She has figured out that they are amused by her doing it, and she keeps doing it. At this stage she does not know that it is wrong, nor should she stop. But when the time comes for her to stop, then how do we handle it?

Granpa does not want her to stop. He says, dont teach her to stop hitting. Its cute and she is too young. But we do stop her from eating wires and openng drawers. When granme got worried by Anjali's habit of blinking her eyes too hard, she is trying to get her to grow out of it.

Well, it is cute. But the hair hurts if she yanks it too hard. :P

the goat

Bunica says that Anjali climbs everywhere like a capra. What is a capra? i asked. We got out pictures and everything and then found out that it was a goat. So why is Anjali a goat?

See this and smile.

Thursday, January 3, 2008


Recently Anjali has taken to talking like R2-D2. Husband says that she has evolved from being a small puppy to a robot. Well.. 9 months is fast for such a big transition.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

How I play in my high chair

First I smile Then i act cute
Then I smile and act cute at the same time
Ha, I spotted a towel
Its just out of my reach
aaaahhhhh... l am trying.... hard!!!
lets see how it tastes...

he he he

first steps

I dont need to say much more