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Entering into toddler hood

A few weeks ago I borrowed a book about toddlers. And the question I asked myself was - is Anjali an infant, or a toddler?

Well, she is definitely not an infant. If infants are small and wrapped in bundles, Anjali outgrew infancy seven months ago. In Infants stay put in one place, she outgrew infancy six months ago when she started bottom jumping. But she was not yet a toddler. Toddlers toddled and played with paints and made cherubic faces.

According to the book that I borrowed "The everything toddler book" toddlers become toddlers when they take their first toddling steps. And I guess, as of last Saturday, Anjali can be classified as a toddler.


She took four steps towards me, I said to everyone last Saturday when we came back from the museum. No one really believed me, except husband, and thats cos he was there. No one believed me when I said that Anjali said maa to me when she was five days old. Of course, I was still half sleepy from the exhaustion of childbirth, but I know what I heard.

All through last week, she walked one or two steps, but it was not until we went to the library on Saturday that she really started walking.

I am glad that husband packed the camera.


Of course, she still likes to walk around to people in the library, ttry to natch handphones and calculators and such.


But she always returns things back


And takes something else, like a pen.

Baby version of the homecoming poncho

For a very long time, I was intrigued by the pattern for the lion brand homecoming poncho. It was beautiful, and I wanted to make it for myself. Infact, that was the pattern that first got me interested in crocheting five years ago.
But somehow, I never got around to crocheting clothes for myself. Took toon long, too much yarn needed and too much work. So I made grannies, doilies and such, but never any clothes. And never a project that took more than 3 hours of crocheting.
When Anjali came, it was different. i had a desperate urge to make clothes and stuff for her, never mind that I had an equal ly strong urge to buy clothes and stuff for her. So, I made a baby blanket before she was born, but never used it because the yarn was acrylic and the weather was too warm. Now the blanket sits on top of the kitchen table as a base for the buddhe statue.
Then the halter top was made and Id ecided to take up something proper, and asked myself, could I make a baby version of the coming home poncho? I am not fond of buying yarn from the web, shipping costs a fortune. And yarns here dont match the gauge required. Besides the pattern is for adults. And I wanted to make a baby version.
Crocheting is a lot about mathematics, and there are an infinite number of things you can do with a piece of yarn, and thats one of the things I love about it. Another thing I love about crochet is that it really makes me relax and when my fingers are occupied, I ger less of an opportunity to worry or think of wierd things.
So, I found a ball of mohair at daiso at $2 per ball and said, why not. The color was beautiful, a varigated dark blue, the kind husband liked. I started the project with one ball and then bought three more to complete it.
So here's the pattern, intuitively modified to fit my requirements. I can make a larger version if I wanted to, much later, but granted, it will take much more yarn. This one used 120g of mohair.
Block 3 dc in indicated st or sp.
Shell Work (2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) in indicated sp.

Beginning at neck edge, ch multiple of 44 until he chain when closed can go comfortably over the head, with about an inch of space for the collar. Taking care to not twist ch, join with sl st in first ch to form a ring.
Rnd 1 (RS): Ch 3, work 2 more dc in same ch as join (first Block made), sk next ch, *3 dc in next ch (Block made), sk next ch; rep from * around; join with sc in top of beg ch
Rnd 2: Sl st in sp between last dc made and beg ch (working around the post of the joining sc), ch 3 (counts as dc), 2 dc in same sp (first Block made), (3 dc in next sp between Blocks) until about half the length of the chain, (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) in next sp between Blocks (point made), (3 dc in next sp between Blocks) until the end, 3 dc in same sp as first Block; join with sc in top of beg ch; 2 points.
Rnd 3: Sl st in sp between last dc made and beg ch, ch 3 (counts as dc), 2 dc in same sp (first Block made), (3 dc in next sp between Blocks) across to point, (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) in next ch-2 sp of point, (3 dc in next sp between Blocks) across, 3 dc in same sp as first Block; join with sc in top of beg ch; 2 points.
Rnds 4 onwards: Rep Rnd 3; 2 points. until poncho measures 2 inches less than desired size. Do not fasten off.

EDGING Rnd 1: Sl st in sp between last dc made and beg ch, ch 3, dc in same sp (beg Shell started), ch 3, sk next 2 dc, sc in next 5 dc, ch 3, sk next 2 dc, *(2 dc, ch 1, 2 dc) in next sp between Blocks (Shell made), ch 3, sk next 2 dc, sc in next 5 dc, ch 3, sk next 2 dc; rep from * all around, 2 dc in same sp as beg Shell; join with sc in top of beg ch (beg Shell completed)
Rnd 2: Sl st in sp between last dc made and beg ch, (ch 3, dc, ch 1, 2 dc) in same sp, ch 3, sk next sc, sc in next 3 sc, ch 3, *(Shell, ch 1, Shell) in next ch-1 sp, ch 3, sk next sc, sc in next 3 sc, ch 3; rep from * all around, Shell in same sp as beg Shell; join with sc in top of beg ch.
Rnd 3: Sl st in sp between last dc made and beg ch, ch 3, dc in same sp, Shell in next ch-1 sp, ch 3, sk next sc, sc in next sc, ch 3, *Shell in next 3 ch-1 sps, ch 3, sk next sc, sc in next sc, ch 3; rep from * around, Shell in next ch-1 sp, 2 dc in same sp as beg Shell; join with sc in top of beg ch -.
Rnd 4: Sl st in sp between last dc made and beg ch, ch 3, dc in same sp, Shell in next ch-1 sp, ch 3, sc in next sc, ch 3, *Shell in next 3 ch-1 sps, ch 3, sc in next sc, ch 3; rep from * around, Shell in next ch-1 sp, 2 dc in same sp as beg Shell, ch 1; join with sl st in top of beg ch. Fasten off.

COLLAR: Keep single crocheting all around the top, I crocheted two rnds and after that crocheted the remaining rows with a slit in front, ie. crochet all the round, ch turn, sc in the inverse direction.

I also made a button and button hole for the slit. I used the one found here.

giving credit where credit is due

Yup. The problem with the sink was because she was scared of the big potty. Husband and I got her a new blue one, with small seats, and now all is fine again. Though it is sometimes necessary to distract her with toys to make her sit, but all in all, the EC business is working as well as can be expected.

Now, if I can only get the confidence to try the back carry...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The big trick bag

Monday Morning:

Anjali dada dada's all the way to granma's house in the stroller. Pushes me out of her way to reach granma before I can unbuckle her belt. Spends all the time with granma until I leave for work, at which point she started to play the "I am not going to granma" game. Basically, she sits on my hip, granma says "come", Anjali shakes her head and burrows into my shoulder kicking her legs vigourously. When the lift comes she goes back to granma and taps the lfit window to say bye.

But on Monday morning, she cried a bit as the lift door closed. Granpa said "open the door", but too late, the lift was already moving.

Tuesday morning:

Anjali changed her tactics a bit. Went to granma's house, played a bit with me, a bit with granma, sat on my hip when the time came for me to leave and refused to get down. granma had to tear her away from me. And I left her crying.

Wednesday morning:

Granma and granpa had worked out a new strategy. Granma would take her keys and come downstairs, take Anjali and spend some time downstairs with her in the playground. Managed to distract Anjali from crying by letting her look at a dog.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Very Very cute baby halter top: My first crochet baby dress pattern

I made the crochet pattern very intuitively, so it is extremely easy to resize. I am sure even an adventurous adult would be able to make it for herself, though if Anjali were older and wanted to make one to wear for herself, I am not sure if husband or granpa would allow it.

Anyway, here's the pattern. Its worked in some novelty yarn that bunica brought from Romania, but I am sure any other yarn could be used for varying effects.

Front middle:

Chain until the row measures the same as the side to side under arm measurement.

Row 1: Chain 3, turn, dc in 2nd chain from hook, dc all the way till the end, chain 3 turn

Rows 2 to x (x being whatever required to get to just under the breasts): dc in each dc of previous row, chain 3, turn.

Front and back, bottom:
This part is worked in rounds.

First join yarn to the last dc of row x. chain along the back of the front middle, until the chain length measures roughly the same as the length of the top (i.e, same number as starting chain). Join with slp st in first dc in row x.

Row x +1 : This part is worked in rounds. *Chain 5, skp 5 dc/ch sc in next dc/ch* rep from * to * around. slst in last stitch

Rows x+2 to y(y being 2 cm short of the final length of the top): chain 3,* sc in 3rd chain (in the middle of chain 5 of prev row) , chain 5, rep from *to* round. slst to join

Row y+1. This is the bottom edging: slst until sc, ch 3, 4 dc in sc, 5dc in in each sc of prev row. join with slst, weave in ends.

Front top:

Section A
Row 1: join yarn to foundation chain of front middle work. dc until middle of foundation chain
rows 2 onwards: decrease, dc until 2 dc from end, decrease, ch 3, turn. repeat until the measurement is the underarm to shoulder width of the model.

repeat section A for the other half of the foundation chain.

halter strings (make 2)
Chain until size of halter string.cs or dc on chain (according to your width requirements). attach each string to each section of front top.

Back top
if necessary crochet dcs over the chains in the back until the back height is sufficient. I made about 6 rows.

P.S. This was originally called sexy baby halter top, as everyone who saw Anjali said that it looked very cute, but one of my readers emailed saying that sexy and baby dont go too well together. Wonder waht damomma would think of that. So changed the name to very very cute. *sigh*.

Zeus, Athena and Anjali

Anjali was not very interested in the 2000 years (the number of zeros is correct) old statues in the museum when we took her there. Husband and I were gawking over the beauty of the marble, but Anjali was not so impressed. Firstly we wouldnt let her down. Either husband, or I, had to carry her, and she wanted to walk.

For the record, Anjali hardly crawls these days. If you sit down on the floor, she sits with you and plays on the floor for two point one minutes and then holds some accessory of yours, shirt, hair, earring, fingernail, and pulls herself up to stand, shifts her grip to your forearm and pushes forward. I think that she thinks that the arms is a push chair.

or something like that. Then you would get up, and she would hold one arm and walk while holding her hand out for the other arm, or finger or nail, or something. And then the bull dozer would be off, kicking everything from balls to blocks to dry leaves to rattles and pretending that they are footballs.

anyway, back to the museum. The little imp wanted to walk. So we let her walk. At least husband let her walk, all around the superbly valuable statues of this, that, or the other greek god.

And then the little imp wanted to climb. All the way up the platform. We had to draw a line there. I am all for babies exploring, but we could get into big trouble if we knock a 2000 year statue down. Not to mention the fact that the Singapore government would have a lot of trouble answering to the Louvre people and Dan Brown will write his next book on how cults were involved in making babies and training them to break greek statues as part of the larger movement of discrediting the church and bringing back paganism into the way of living.

Now, maybe I should have let her knock a couple of statues down, that would have caused a lot of publicity and made Anjali world famous.

Anjali, when you are world famous 20 years from now, I hope that you will not get mad at me because I caused you to work hard all these years by refusing you the chance of instant fame. Hard work is the best and the most lastiing way to rise to fame, my dear girl.


Well, so she began to sulk, and refused to pose for photos
And when daddy tricked her into turning for the camera, she gave him such a glare that it would have scorched the camera, had it been a little stronger.

The little picasso


The first time I put paints in front of Anjali she tried to eat the paste

And got upset when i knocked her hand away.

Of course, I cant blame her, she always gets stuff to eat on a plate, and we didnt have a palatte and had to make do with a plastic plate.

This is the second time. Of course, it was just two hours later, and she is still not taking to them as well as she took to the piano, but hey, we parents have to understand that if our daughter is a child prodigy in musical talent, she cant possibly be a child prodigy in art as well...

Can we?

She types stuff on microsoft word pretty well though, and knows how to do tricks with the keyboard (like increasing the browser size). Seriously! I have been using a computer for 15 years and I cant increase the browser size without a mouse.

Anyway the art session was cute and mess inducing and and we are really fond of messes. At least all the baby books say that kids learn a lot from making messes and husband and I like to see Anjali enjoying herself, even if it means a bit of extra cleanup (And usually when Anjali is finished with the mess making stuff, she is tired and cranky and I have to take her to calm her down, so husband's the one who does the cleaning, so I encourage messes, no problem)

Monday, February 11, 2008

morning walk and shaky bridge


This is the shaky bridge. Mummy is trying hard to keep lighting in consideration, but this one's an exception. I was so cute for her to not take the video


And my morning sprint in the beach

My first ever camp! In pictures

When mummy and daddy told granpa that they are going camping granpa said, be careful with Anjali, you say she can crawl from the bed to the bathroom. She may crawl out of the tent.

Mummy said, there is a zipper in the tent.

Granpa said, someone might open the zipper and steal the baby.

granpa is a bit paranoid. And honestly, he thinks that he carried me in his tummy for nine months and went through three hours of labor!

Anyway, I enjoyed my first ever camp. It was two days and one night!

And we stayed all the time in a tent, near the beach!

Here are the pictures

This is daddy with a big, heavy bag, and the tent, all rolled up in the back, along with some yoga matsThis is daddy standing with the big bag and the stroller. To show that mummy as carrying me all the while and the big heavy bag went into the stroller.
This is our tent. And all our supplies in it
Another angle, with the plethora of tents on the beach
Me walking on the grass. In shoes. For the record, I never crawled outside the tent. i always walked. Either holding on to mummy, or holding on to daddy, or holding on to both!

How proud I am that I can walk so much. See, i am so proud that my tummy is sticking out. I meant to stick out my chest, but tummy stick out looks cute too!!
I am not scared of dogs. Infact, i have touched dogs in the playground.
This is me, running to the beach!


Back in the tent. Isnt the scenery good?

Inside's not bad either. I like looking at mummy and daddy. They make funny faces at me and say goo and gaa and ada and aga.
I am especially fascinated by daddy's teeth.
Yup. I plan to be a dentist when i grow up
Let's take a short break
And go back to digging dad's teeth!
Then mummy and daddy closed the tent and I tried to get outside.
But I didnt go too far. Thats the nice thing about me, I only do mischief if mummy, or daddy or granma or someone I know is with me. Otherwise, I dont venture too far. I call them though, and throw tantrums, until they come with me.
Back to the beach and this time for a bath
Took a shower, came back, exhausted, drank milk and slept.
Not for long. I am up for action
And off walking
In my life, there are no obstacles, there are only stepping stones.
Be they cement pathways, or earthquake hills
Be they going up, or going down
Games galore:
Walking the shaky bridge
Beating drums Spinning on a roundabout: That was very adventurous
A slippery slide
And my favorite: The earthquake shaky bridge! Daddy was getting dizzy by the way the bridge shook. But did that deter me? No. I even went back for seconds. And thirds. And forths. And fifths.

Went to bed, exahusted, slept for ten hours, got up and seven, took one look at the night sky, pounded mummy on the belly to wake her up and started bugging daddy to take me out.
Is there anything better than a walk by the sea early in the morning?
Or a cuddle with mummy by the sea?
Under some coconut trees?
Or a brisk walk with daddy?

A lot of fun at the museum

The museum phenomenon exhibits itself again!. This time, it was not so much the walking, but the back swimming, on a slippery floor. I think she got excited by the parquet, which was very smooth, and decided that it made a very nice belly slide. She had never done that before, and enjoyed herself tremendously, much to husband and my amusement.



It is very easy to amuse Anjali, because she is curious about everything, her favorite being cables, strings, the drawstring of my pants, chains etc, that feel so unique and are highly suitable for eating


Of course, she did have the usual ball of a time cruising


Anjali took four steps by herself at the museum on Saturday. She was walking along, holding to the platform, when i called her, but I was a bit too far, and to my surprise, she walked, four steps, tottering and grinning. Husband and i got very excited and said, if she walks once, she can walk again. But that's not quite the case. Here are the edits and the behind the scenes.


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

See how articulate we are!!


If life were full of fridges that blow cold air at us, we would be even more articulate than we are now. Of course, the yogurt that we stole from daddy's cup increased the spirit of adventure.

Lately a lot of things we do increases our spirit of adventure. It is so exciting to pull credit cards out of daddy's wallet, and how exciting it was to see daddy's face when he found his ez link card buried under the blanket at the foot of the bed, when he had put it in the living room!! It would have been more fun if he had not noticed it until when he was in the bus in the morning! That would have been cool!!!!

Now mummy and daddy are going to take me camping, in a tent!! See the tent, its so cool and almost as tall as daddy. I got a bit scared when daddy took me in it this morning, but thats cos I was sleepy and cos mummy was not there with me. I never get scared when mummy's there.

Yesterday, mummy was making jam in the cooker and when the whistle came on, she picked me up and hugged me, and I didnt cry. Not even when daddy took me to the living room later. I am growing more and more brave!!

Incidentally, on the chair is the new poncho that mummy made for me. Its a modified version of the coming home poncho. Mummy wanted to, two years ago, make it for herself, but didnt get the motivation to. I guess the motivation is stronger when she crochets for me cos she love me soooo much!!!

almost walking



And do a lot of general acrobatics.


Vittalur great granpa says that Anjali will walk in about a month. That was one week ago, so i guess its only a couple of weeks more to go =)

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Monday, February 4, 2008

Ambiguities in friendships

Anjali faces a choice that is too big for a ten month old to make. To be scared of the tiger, or to be fascinated by its music? To dance to its tune, or to keep her distance?

She compensates by dancing while hiding behind mummy and crying when the music stops.


ten months ago

This day, ten months ago

2.15pm: First contractions at the office

2.30pm: Called hospital. They asked me to come by, with my hospital bag. I told them that the hospital bag was at home and I am in the office. Can my mom bring it? No, moms are not allowed in the delivery room

2.45pm: Called husband, who promised to chase his meeting away and come to the hospital should the need arise. Called Granma, appraised her of the situation. Told her not to come as there was no waiting place in the delivery room. Granma reminds me to take my lunch box and not forget it in office, as, if it is labor, I would not return to office for three months.

3.oo pm: Contractions getting stronger, informed colleague who offered to drive me down. Told colleague to keep her offer, as was afraid it was false pain and would go away in a few minutes

3.30pm: Pain shows no sign of going away, contractions getting more frequent, once in ten minutes. Tag colleague again to drop me at hospital

3.35pm: Husband calls. Can you pick me up, its raining and I cant walk to the hospital

3.45pm: At hospital, after picking husband enroute

3.50pm; Walk into emergency, ask them for directions to labor ward.Are you in labor? They ask. I think so. Attendant drops everything and grabs a wheel chair, helping me into it. I can walk, I say. No No No, sit down. Husband is so amused that he cant stop laughing.

4.00pm: At the emergency room. Getting strapped onto EEG machine. What is your pain level? between one and ten? Pretty low. Here comes another contraction. See the graph? It can go up from zero to hundred. How would you rate your pain level now? About seven? That graph just read forty nine. It can go up to hundred.Stay here and time your contractions. Nurse leaves the room.

Shortly after, or about ten hours, time became relative. I need to go to the washroom. It is awfully painful. Husband kneels beside me. Kithu, he says, with all the seriousness in the world, If you want an epidural, i wont say no.

I was still saying that i dont want an epidural. Husband changed his mind faster than me, he was the one who was anti epidural to begin with.

People kept walking in. A very nicely dressed girl came in to tell me about epidurals. I was in great distress, she saw. Give her some entonox.

Husband was focused on the graph in the EEG machine. Everytime, even before I felt it, the graph picked up the contraction. There is a pain coming, he would say excitedly.

Geroff, I know there is a pain coming. I have senses, dont I?

The epidural girl came back again. Do you want epidurals? They are this and that and blah blah blah... I was so distressed by now that I cut her off before she could finish. i know what epidurals are. Didnt I do hours of research on pain relief? Didnt I read that book on painless childbirth that Sudha aunty lent me? Even though it was scientific and dry and had no pictures?

I dont want an epidural. Not yet. Not until I cant bear the pain anymore. Not until husband reads off the chart and sees it going off the 100 scale. I want to walk, to feel confortable. But I was not allowed to. The baby will fall off and hit head first on the floor.

Do you want pethidine, another nurse asked. Ok. I said. Pethidine was ok, it just made you sleepy.

The contractions came again. They went up to 51. Ouch. It was painful. But now I am feeling sleepy. Can I doze off, But no, there is another contraction coming along.

Where is that gas mask? That helps. Gasp, Gasp Gasp. Where is husband's hand? Pity, i cut my nails before coming in.

Take off your jewellery, says the nurse. Husband gets the jewellery purse. Off goes the watch, the bangles, the earrings.. but wait, the earring is stuck. i cant pull it off. can you help me? Husband tries, tugs... Now the ear hurts along with the tummy. Gotcha, manages to get one earring off. Now to the other earring. This one's stuck fast. Husband tries to pull it off.

Stop. Dont bother. Its too painful (I had only one earring on my ear till I left hospital)

It is 5pm. How long will it take? Another couple of hours at least. Granma is trying frantically to call. i cant take the call, it too painful. Tell husband to tell her to not come, as it will still take a couple of hours. Husband calls Bunica, who says good luck, and settles down, thinking that news of the baby will come in the next morning.

Around 5.15 I am already too far along. nurses are congratulating themselves and me for deciding against an epidural. What if the baby fell asleep on the way out? Husband calls granma and asks her to come. Granma grabs a taxi and waits outside the delivery room.

Around 5.45 pm, everything is going smoothly according to everyone except me, who is still taking great gasping breaths of entonox.

Nurses are tring frantically to page the doctor, who is stuck in peak hour and rainy traffic. Dont push, they say. Hold on, let the doctor come. No way. Anjali has a mind of her own, and she exhibited it right from before she was born. A backup doctor came in, announcing that in case my doctor could not reach, she was there to take over. Oh Oh.

6.10pm. Doctor finally comes along. Everybody, husband, doctor, a couple of nurses and an attendant gathers around. Push, they say. Push, Push Push, And I push. And at 6.23pm, she is out. Granma, who went to sit downstairs for a spell, is called back. Bunica is called, and is extremely surprised that the news of the baby arrived well, hours before it was expected. Patel uncle is called, who is astonished since only six hours ago he spoke to me, and I was just going out for lunch, perfectly happy and pain free. Doctor is holding up Anjali and she looks at me with big black eyes. She was all eyes, even then, I tell you.

6.30pm, All is fine, and a baby, looking less like the cherub and more like a frog, is put in my arms. Who is this alien, i ask myself, that is staring at me? We look at her, husband and I, between us, for a couple of minutes before she is taken away for cleaning and weighing (she scored 9 on the aphar test, something that husband tells so proudly). She cried only twice, once when she was born and another time when she had her blood taken for testing.

My blood had to be taken too for testing. And Husband was horrified. There is so much of it around. Why dont they just scoop some off the bed?

I suppose that the doctors thought it would be unhygenic, so they took some blood from my arms anyway.

Then the doctors leave for a while and we have her to ourselves, there in the delivery room. They come back after about an hour, during which granpa has arrived from the office with chocolates for the nurses and for all of us, except me, I was on a strict diet of convalescent food that included some super wierd porridge, that lakshmi aunty, who came by later with a bevy of kids, brought along. The porridge was tasteless and had absolutely no salt, but thats all I had to eat, after a long bout of labor. It wasnt even hot.

Then they all went and husband and i were alone, with a kid that was tiny, with paper thin fingers whom we had no idea how to carry. The nurses came in atleast 10 times during that night. to help me to move around, to help with carrying the baby, with breastfeeding and everything.

later, at around 2am, husband slept in the hospital couch, and I was trying to sleep, but it was impossible, with a baby in the cradle next to me. I pushed up my chair and leaned over to look. Her eyes were open and she was looking alert. I dont know if she saw me, I guess I was too far away, but she sure looked at me. and there we were, the only two awake souls in the room, looking at each other and coming to terms with more than 50 years together, to understand, appreciate, learn and grow with each other.

And that was ten months ago.



Thursday, January 31, 2008

What have I done?

Well, it all began when bunica and tata Sile left for Romania. It boiled down to one of us leaving Anjali in the morning with granma and picking her back in the evening. Pretty much all of Anjali's essentials were replicated - moisturizing cream, nappies, diapers, clothes, toys divided into half...

We ran into a problem with the potty. The solution was to buy a second potty for granma's house, and husband and I went on a quick trip to find the same one as the pink potty. However, they were out of stock, and we found instead a blue one shaped like a car. One potty is the same as another, we thought, and bought the blue one.

The blue one, however, was too big for Anjali. She wasnt comfortable with sitting in it. We didnt want to force her. So granma started the habit of getting Anjali to pee in the bathroom sink. That was comfortable and it was no hassle.

But the problem was that, when Anjali came back home, she refused to sit in the pink potty - the successful pink one that she had liked so much before. She began to arch her back every time we went near it. So what did I do?

I took her to the bathroom sink. And that, she was comfortable with, no problems. Stand on sink, pee, wash, wipe with towel (she likes that part best).

Husband is not amused.

"You know, I brush my teeth in that sink." he said. "And sometimes in the mornings, when i am befuddled with sleep, I drop my toothbrush into the sink and pick it up and brush my teeth with it."

The man has some peculiar ideas about hygine. Yesterday i caught him giving a soup spoon to Anjali to play with, after he had eaten sambar from it.

"Its full of spice" I said.

"Well, Its pretty much clean"

"Even worse, its full of mouth bacteria"

"Well, if you put it that way..." and he took the spoon away

He may have some wierd motions about hygine, but he is amenable, thank heavens!

Well, so am I. I let Anjali to pee in the sink this morning, but remembered to pour some dettol into it.

I respect husband's toothbrush and befuddlement states.



Well Mozart began to play the piano when he was four. What do you call a girl who plays at 10 months?

some cool stuff


Husband says this is an unique moment. Because ten minutes after this video was taken, I was in the guest room doing some things and husband and bag of tricks walked in kicking the ball.

"Its her fourth consequtive correct kick. I think she got the technique. What you got was the learning process"

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What we do with gold


Granpa came back from india yesterday adn brought back gifts from all of Anjali's grand uncles - two gold chains were among the gifts brought, one from periyappa and one from chittappa. Anjali first dropped the chain when I gave it to her and went for the box, but after a while she got very fascinated by the texture of the chain that periyappa got her, since it was a very slinky one. So she began to play with it.


Even then, the box held more fascination to her than the chain itself =) If this preference for boxes over gold chains persists for another 20 years, husband will consider himself very lucky.

But somehow I dont think so, since one of Anjali's favorite toys is my bangle.