Friday, December 12, 2008

Wayys to entertain a toddler: Part 3

27. If you've got a lot of shopping to get done, break up the trip by taking her to see Santa in his grotto. Most department stores will have one and it'll be worth the queues to see her face light up.

28. Paint a butterfly. Fold a piece of paper in half, then open it out again. Paint one side of the fold, then close it up again. Open it up to reveal your butterfly pattern.

29. Collect things such as twigs, petals, stones and leaves and put them in a bucket.

30. Play traffic lights. You're the policeman and she's the car. When you shout 'red', she has to stop; 'green' means go.

31. Let her help with writing Christmas cards, get her a rubber stamp with her name on, or just a picture that she can stamp on each card- it'll keep her involved for hours, and let you get the job done.

32. Have an ice cream 'factory'. Put a scoop of ice cream in a bowl and let her choose a topping from a variety of things set out.

33. Play buses. Line up chairs in pairs and fill the seats with dolls.

34. Make a tent. Just drape a sheet over a couple of chairs.

35. If it's been raining, put on your wellies and jump in puddles!

36. Go to the library. An unending supply of books - for free!

37. Make some streamers or decorations. They're easy to make - all you need is some glue and coloured paper and string. She'll love hanging her finished ones up on the tree too.

38. Settle her down with a story tape or CD or pre-record yourself reading her fave books.

39. Make a hat. Cut a strip of card to fit round your tot's head, then get her to decorate it.

40. Make cards for someone in your family - get your tot to draw her own picture on the front and buy some stickers to decorate.

41. Construct a rocket by covering a loo roll in foil. Make a cone shape to attach to one end and add orange streamers to the other.

42. Write a letter to a relative. It's one thing to make a phone call, but it's something else to write something. Although it won't happen immediately, when she gets a reply, it will make her day.

43. Do some dusting! Kids really love to copy Mum (just mind those expensive knick-knacks!)

44. Go swimming. Lots of leisure centres have special children's sessions when they have extra equipment such as floats, balls and little watering-cans.

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