Friday, December 12, 2008

Ways to entertain a toddler: Part 5

63. Peg boards or 'Hamma' beads keep little fingers occupied for ages at this age.

64. Make a home- made obstacle course in the living room or garden. Use chairs to crawl under, ropes to jump over, balls to dribble or throw into a bucket - use your imagination.

65. Ask your child to cover a piece of paper with colourful patterns, then help her fold it to make a fan.

66. Cut out a fish shape from a sheet of newspaper, about 30cm (1ft) long. Make a tube out of the rest of the newspaper. Move the fish along by beating the tube behind its tail.

67. Play dressing-up. Old hats, scarves, shoes, beads, shirts and any other cast-offs will do..

68. Take your child to buy a comic from your local newsagent.

69. Make a garden in a seed tray. Fill it with soil and add plant cut-offs and flowers. A small container lined with foil and filled with water makes a pond.

70. Make magic potions! Fill plastic bottles and pots with water, food colouring, bubble bath, glitter, petals and stir. Remind your child that she shouldn't taste it.

71. Go on a bug hunt. Look under stones and leaves.

72. Do crayon rubbings. Coins work well, as does bark.

73. Put on some lively music and tidy her bedroom together.

74. Lay the table together - yes, it's a chore for you but it'll be more fun if your little one helps you

75. Play going to the seaside! Help her find her swimsuit, sun hat, bucket and spade.

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