Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My bossy girl

 We found a meow meow in the playground yesterday - a small playful one - the kind that likes to rub against your legs.

So first it sniffed and rubbsed against me, and then against husband. Anjali cautiously peeked from behind my pants and it approached her, but wouldn't let it touch her, nor would she touch it (Incidentally, she touched two dogs the day before yesterday, and husband and I were very proud of her but more of that later...)

So back to the meow meow. Husband thought that it was hungry and went to buy milk for it. When he got back, he poured milk for the cat and Anjali sat watching excitedly as the cat slurped.

"meow meow!! Paavu! dink!!"

Meow Meow finished slurping the milk.

"Neiya!!" (Neriya!) and taking the carton from me, opened the tab and poured a load on the floor.

Meow Meow gave the milk on the floor a couple of licks and then walked away to do other business like climbing the playground slide.

Anjali ran after the cat.

"meow meow! no No! milk!"

Meow Meow ignored her

Anjali doesnt like to be ignored. She came to the edge of the playground where the milk was.

"Meow Meow!! dink! milk!"


Development note: Anjali says about 5 new tamil words each day and about the same number of new english words.

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