Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I agree that the songs in Swades are very good but...

I have watched pal Pal Hai Bhari about six times on You Tube and have sung it some 55 times so far. Yup, i know the lyrics and I loved it (note the past tense) especially the part where SRK sings Ram hi to Karuna me hain....

Anjali is very fond off the yeh tara woh tara song, which i used to sing to her since she was something like three months old. And after husband put stars on the ceiling, she pointes to them and does the dancing sign. i tried to sing twinkle twinkle but she says "no no", indicating that she wants yeh tara woh tara.

So last weekend, I had this brilliant idea (aleast it seemed brilliant at that time) that why dont we go to music india online and put on the actual song. After all, Udit Narayanan or who ever sings the song sings it far better than me. So there we started with the playing and Anjali climbed up on the computer chair and watched mystified as to why the song mummy sings is coming in an uncle voice over the computer screen.

Then husband had an even brighter idea. "I should have though of this before!" he exclaimed. "Every thing is on you tube. Why dont we let her watch the video on you tube?" So we let her watch the bit with the song as it came on in you tube. Anjali was fascinated by the song. But more than that, she was fascinated by the visualization, and once the sequence with the plough-star finished and the song began, she kept exclaiming "tar! tar!"

After acceeding to her "gain" request a couple of times, I decided to change the song and put on pal Pal hai bhari. At first Anjali said "no no!!" But after watching for about 20 seconds, she realized that the song featured characters from her favorite story. So she keeps asking me to turn it on and watch it on the computer. When she watches, her eyes are wide and glued to the screen and she doesnt blink, so i try not to let her watch longer than 15 minutes. So the song runs about three times, before i have to drag her out of the chair and tell her that mummy will give her a live performance.

But now, when mummy opens her mouth to sing, I cant get two words out before she says "no no!" to every other song except for pal pal. I have told her not to shake her head and dance, but to ask for "sita song" for, after all, every two seconds of the song, she exclaims "Sita!! Sita!!"

Another interesting note to add, Anjali does not like ravana to fall down. The first time she didnt understand why the statue of ravana burst into flames and fell down. The second time, she said "no no!". The third time, she burst into tears. So we are always careful to stop just before Ravana falls.

Maybe Anjali was Thai in her previous birth. I remember that the Thai version of the Ramayana ends with Rama forgiving Ravana and they are living happily ever after.
Anjali knows three Christmas songs: Ruldolph, Santa claus is coming to town and Jingle bells. She finishes them nicely. But her favorite is Santa Claus is coming to town.

We were at West mall last friday and they had a snoopy show, where snoopy, charlie brown and lucy were dancing to a couple of christmas songs. So whenever she hears them, she starts saying snoopy. The bottom line was when yesterday she insisted on going to West mall to see "Shoopy!" and tried to get me. When I told her that the show was over, she got all upset and climbed on husband saying "Daddy Daddy, Shoopy!" Well, daddy couldnt help her either, so she got down and, looking rather morose, went about her other business

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