Monday, December 15, 2008

Got the tree up

This year, we got a bigger tree, About three feet taller than the one we got last year. Shopping for the tree was, as allways, quite a strenuous experience, as we had to walk across the whole of Thomson, look around, select the tree, and it was such a hot weather. But finally, we found a nice tree, ordered it for delivery and then on the way home, stopped for flowers. The carnations in Thomson are usually very beautiful.

Anjali went with me in the cold room, she wanted to be carried as it was too cold, and carrying her is like carrying a teddy, it warms you up nicely. She picked the carnations, "pupple" and then chose the white ones with purple edging, Then she wanted candles, so we got a packet and then she wanted to find out what the fertilizer was for. She was very interested to find out that the fertilizer was mum mum for the plants and that plants ate little brown round pellets.

We then wanted to go home, as it was so hot. But we happened to pass by goodwood florists, and there were lots of interior decorating fountains on display. There, Anjali went crazy. While I sat and stared at the bundle that is naught but energy, she ran from one fountain to another, touching the water, trying out the mist creator, exclaiming at curtains etc. At some point, she found a cat sitting in the shop, and a little dish, whereupon, she promptly decided that the cat needed water. So she made trips from the fountain to the cat and while the cat stared balefully at her, dumped "apa" in front of the cat for it to drink.

Then she wanted to carry the cat home "meow meow, anniya, caie, home", but ofcourse that's not an option.

Not yet anyway.

However, we wonder if we could get her a small fish tank with a couple of fish. She had a grand time with the koi pond at the botanical gardens, but then she might end up dumping all the fish food into the tank at once and then what would happen to the fish? Or what if she tries to put her hand into the pond and fishes the fish out, thinking that it is some kind of pooh toy in the bathtub?

Maybe we'll get a live tortoise. But that will drive patti crazy.

It was close to one pm when we left the Thomson road and caught a bus. She was so exhausted to the point of bring almost cranky, whereupon husband tried to quieten her by asking her to swing from the handles in the bus, which she did, for about three minutes, before her eyes glazed over and she fell asleep, still holding on to the handle bars and hanging in mid air.

"Get a bottle of milk ready when we get home, before putting her to bed", said husband, wisely. Otherwise, she will not sleep properly, she's a bit hungry.

Accordingly, when we reached home, I prepared a bottle of milk, sat on the bed and gave it to the imp, who drank her milk in her sleep. As she was drinking, I noticed that her pants were damp, presumably from all the fountain water and decided to change it as well as her diapers.

She lay still until we took the diaper off. When we put on new diapers, she rolled over and decided to get up. That was about half an hour of sleep.

The tree got delivered on Sunday morning and here's the imp with the tree. If you think her dress is cute, there is a story behind it. But thats a story for another day.

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