Monday, December 15, 2008

Bathtime with Anjali

Also features is husband's haircut for Anjali. I would have taken a video of him doing it, only thing is that I have having Anjali on my lap as she slept peacefully through her afternoon nap. Husband can moonlight, I guess.

Anjali, when she woke up, didnt realize that her hair had been cut. But at night, when she was sleepy, she started to run her hands through her hair and was plenty surprised to find that somehow her hair wont hold.

Back to the bathtime, this is only five minutes of a whole sequence, which starts by making bubbles, putting bubbles on Anjali and then on mummy, putting bubbles on pooh and snoopy and squeezing them (take queesh) and other stuff. The whole bath time takes between 20 minutes to half an hour and the bottom line is when she has to eat, and i ask her to come out to the kitchen, she says "no no, here!", here meaning the bathroom.

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