Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Anjali's new books

We got a couple of board books from the library, Dr Seuss's there is a wocket in my pocket and Beatrix potter's Peter Rabbit. Here are some stories.

Dr Seuss
Anjali at first was amused by some of the illustrations, saying that the Zelf on the Shelf looks like a tortoise. Soon, she started to see patterns in the words, and now can finish sentences, like when you ask her "where is the noothgrush?", she says toothbrush. and the geeling - ceiling etc. She got pretty much all the words after about three looks at the book.

Verdict: excellent book for a funny way to introduce words, and I should get more of them from the library. I am tempted to buy them, but decide it may be better to hold.
Peter Rabbit
Anjali loves this story. Seriously. I think it has to do with the illustrations. Anjali's favorite parts in the book:

1. Where the mummy goes off and tells the kids not to go into Mc Gregor's garden. Anjali likes to say that the mummy should not go to "office", but must go to the "market" to buy "vegetables", which she must then "cut" and "cook" and "make" "mum mum" to "eat".

2. the bit where peter rabbit hides in the watering can where it is "cold" and "dark" and peter rabbit did "atchoo" and Mc Gregor was after him in no time.

3. the bit where peter rabbit has to creep past the cat, that is staring at the fishes. There is a pot next to the fishes and Anjali likes to say that there is "bread" in the pot for the "fish" to "eat"

4. The part at the end where Peter rabbit has to eat "medicine" because he is "sick" and flopsy, mopsy and cotton tail will eat bread and milk and "black berries".

Verdict: excellent book. Now should I borrow Benjamin bunny or buy it?


  1. Dr. Suess is Ananya's fav. We have wocket in the pocket, the foot book, ABC, Mr Brown can Moo and whole lot of them. We got them from a whole sale store here for pretty decent price in board book versions. Ananya can practically 'read' from those pages as she knows each one by rote now. We now have a small library of her books.

  2. Thats really good. Here, the library has a good store, but popular doesnt have a single Dr Seuss. I have to order the baord books online and it gets expensive. Keeping a look out for them though, since the wocket thing is such a big hit. We tried hop on pop a few months ago, but she was far too young.

  3. Hop on Pop is good - until Ananya started hopping on us. She says ' hop on pop ' and hops on us! Right now she is into these wooden one piece puzzles. She seems to enjoy them and I am surprised that she does them despite the complicated shapes. It took her a while though to get them right. Again picked a couple of them up at Christmas sales.

  4. Went to the library yesterday and got a big load of Dr Seuss and other books: Hop on pop, Mr brown can moo, Foot book, ABC, pretty much everything I thought that she would enjoy. We were reading the Mr Brown book yesterday and Anjali kwpt wanting to go to the page with the choo choo train :P


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