Thursday, December 25, 2008

Anjali's Christmas

I am just taking a breather. The imp and her dad have gone down to the market with the broom broom bike to get olives. We are just waiting for the guests to arrive, and to put together the last bit of salad.

One thing that has made today's planning much easier is the advent in our house of yema, who has been a tremendous help in cleaning. YEsterday, i felt so freaked out walking across the floor with nithing sticking to my feet, and the bathroom is actually clean??? Toys put away, messes cleared up. It may be easy to get used to this stuff in the long time, a bit of a luxury, but for now, with Sophia on the way, we might as well sit back and relax the work away.

So only the cooking was done by us and all the cleaning and the intermediary messes that is made by Anjali, post mealtime stuff etc were cleared by Yema. And now, by 4 pm, we are almost ready.

Anjali has had an interesting Christmas so far. She kept up quite late last night, waiting, I think for Santa, whom we told her, will come down in the night to leave presents for her. But she fell asleep around eleven, asking if Santa will leave her a big present, if he will leave presents for Mummy, daddy, patti, thattha, aunty, pom pom etc. When we convinced her, she nodded off.

She was up and asking for Santa, who had left her two presents under the tree. So, satisfied, we spent a happy hour opening the wrapping, making a mess, exploring the new toys etc.

Anjali is ttoally fascinated by Santa Claus. And presents, which she likes to open herself, by tearing the wrapper. So no chances of saving the wrapper while she is small.

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