Monday, June 9, 2008

Talking: ramblings of an over reacting mother

How do I encourage my daughter to talk? This is going to be my next project. I am not trying to be an overacheiving mother or anything, but when you have a kid who walked 2 months before average, bottom jumped because she wanted to move and she was not physically ready to crawl, why is she not talking yet?

I suspect that one of the reasons could be that she has been growing up in a bilingual, often tri or tetra lingual house. We have tamil and English conversations in extreme regularity, sanskrit in the form of some conversation and songs, Romanian once in a while, Hindi songs that i sing to her on the way to and fro, and since Sandhya is here, some french, as husband and I are trying to teach her french.

I read in new scientist a few months ago that babies in bilingual families speak later, but speak both languages. I read in several other magazines and articles that the best timee to introduce more languages to a kid is during infancy. So by all accounts Anjali will begin to talk later, but will talk about 3 or more languages.

Its fine, i guess, but it feels wierd when I hear that another kid of the same age can say more words.

Then again, there was a thrill that went through me when on Saturday, Anjali was getting ready to go to the pool. She looked over at me from her father's shoulder.

"Bye Bubbles", I said, waving at her

She waved back at me, and then gurgled

"buh buh yee"

I asked her to say it back, but no go.

Though last week alone she has been saying more things, appa and thattha in addition to apa and amma. And her babbling has also gotten more varietied.

lets see


  1. =I wanted to reply to your mail on this. Don't worry. She is just 13 months old! Ananya had a vocab splured just before her 15 month check up. Then she started saying soooooooooooooooooo many words english and tamil. so kep speaking to anjali in all the languages. Sure she will pick up and say words in diff langs but as long as she communicated with you and gets her point across to you thats fine. As of now dont oush her - be your self, talk to her, read etc etc etc ....

  2. Hi Swati,

    Thanks for that. I think so too, its just me getting anxious. she's getting new tricks everyday, so I guess that speech will come when it should.

  3. Yeah, she will learn new words and start repeating what you say. Right now if we mention chocolate / ice cream in our conversation, Ananya (who will seem to be playing) will actually say'yummy'! "Little pitchers have BIG ears". Ananya is always tuned into our conversation no matter what she is doing. So now days we are very ver careful as to what we speak and the words we use!

  4. I know exactly what you mean. Anjali is very fond of strawberries, and if she sees them or hears strawberry, she drops what she is doing and looks for them. And if we dont want to give her at a certain time, maybe until after she drinks milk, we have to refer to it in spelling.


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