Monday, June 9, 2008

pierced ears

Last weekend has been a scream. I am still reeling from the lack of sleep.  After finally getting husband's consent to pierce the bag of tricks' ears, we took the journey to the jeweller's shop. Anjali, who was walking and babbling all the way to the shop seemed to realize that something important was going on as we chose her earrings.

The piercing guy came along and checked her earrings. They were too fine, he said ('course they were, didnt husband and I spent half an hour finding the thinnest possible screws?) So off he trudged back to his place to bring a finer screw. Anjali, who had by nnow realized that something was going to happen, sat on my lap in bear hug mode, staring around at the jewels and the boxes of lychee drink that the shopkeeper handed out to us.

The piercing guy came back with the new screw. Hold her still, he said. And then he pierced Anjali's ears. I am never going to let her pierce any other part of her body, couldnt stand the scream. She cried and cried until the piercing stopped and then stayed still, sniffling, spent. Until the piercing guy went for her other ear. Then she made a leap, to jump out of my arms. It took all of mine and husband's combined strength to keep her still as the other ear got pierced and the earring inserted.

At this juncture, we wanted to give her a break before screwing the rings in place. Out came the bottle of milk and Anjali calmed down enough while sucking on the bottle. Then Husband came around to screw the earring. One got screwed. but the poor little girl was not going to let anyone near her other ear. She was screaming and crying so heartbreakingly that even the ear piercing guy didnt want to screw the earring.

Anjali wanted out. She kept crying and pointing out of the shop, so we paid and left, until she finally calmed down. Twice we tried to put back the screw, both times failing as Anjali started crying the minute we touched her ear.

Then we went home and put her to sleep. She's sleeping, said husband, Let me screw on the earring. But no. The minute he touched her ear, the screaming bagan all over again. There was only one thing to do, husband held Anjali down and I put the earrings on. It was heartbreakingly sad, watching the little baby cry and struggle and then give up struggling and simply cry.

That is why I say that I will never let her go through this ever again in her life.

But the earrings look extremely pretty. Will put up a picture soon.

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  1. how come they did not use a gun with the ear ring? I thought thts what they do. It is so much faster and you dont have to bother about screwing in the earring> Anyways, good luck and look out for infections for the next 2 weeks to a month. Put some antiseptic cream or something to keep the area clean. Ananya screamed too but I think it was mainly more that we had held her tight and also someone was handling here. Here we took her to a local mall and they had a the cutest earring that they put in a punch kind of thingy and pierced using the earring. They gave her a cute pink bag that said " I just got my ears pierced at Claires" She got quite once we came out of the mall and her dad bought her very first vanilla ice cream despite my protests! Sigh!!! I changed it into a hoop earring just a couple of months back.


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