Monday, May 5, 2008

What the little bag of tricks and the big bag of tricks did at Bintan

The backward baby wearing walking along the beach

At Yasin Bungalows, a very unique place, where we will stay the next time we go. Here's we had two huge coconuts and Anjali had her first taste of sweet coconut water nad tender coconut. She liked it.


We contrived to enjoy ourselves very well last weekend. It was a unique trip to Bintan, and we chose not to stay at the resort but to stay near Tanjung Pinang near a place called Trikora beach, which according to Wikitravel was one of the most beautiful beaches around.

Well, the verdict: The beach was beautiful. One of the cleanest beaches I have ever seen (I could count with my fingers in one hand the amount of litter in the beach), the water pristine and clear, teeming with fauna, crabs, little and big, colorful and plain, in troves and single, Forests of seaweed, mudskippers and millions of small sea snails with shells of every color. It was a pleasure to walk the intertidal zone that afternoon and exclaim over every little discovery.

And what was Anjali doing at that time? Well, initially she was quite annoyed by the sand under her feet. It was prickly and it stuck to her toes. But as time went by, she discovered that sand went with apa and apa was fun. So she explored, always taking care that she would hold one or the other of our hands. Tugging at seaweed, looking after crabs as they scuttled about, trying to eat a especially pretty shell that I passes to her, swallowing sea water and grimacing as she tasted its saltness, and then stripping off ther swim suit and using it to discover the floatation properties of water.

The other bag of tricks, (the one I married, not the one I gave birth to), was very disgruntled that there were hundreds of meters of sand teeming with wildlife, but no water, in the beach. He refused to believe it when I told him that the tide would come in, ridiculed at the kayaks in the bank, sayind that they were there was show and that it would go aground in no time.

Well, three hours after we had reached, and finished the exploration of the low tide, we went back to our room for a quick snack. When we came out, the tide had risen enough to support a kayak. It was a wonderful feeling, skimming the surface of the water (husband was rowing), with Anjali in my arms, playing with the water as it rose and fell through the holes in the kayak. We passed over forests of sea weed, now shaking and swirling as if they were live snakes reaching out to catch us. Clearly visible were some pockets of coral, though, due to Anjali being very small, we didnt venture far enough to watch for more coral (though according to some guests staying at Bintan, the snorkelling there is excellent)

There husband's head turned around and he began to like the sea, with its clarity and its fauna (all through the low tide walk, he kept grumbling how we were accumulating bad karma by stepping on snails and crushing crab holes with our feet as we stepped)

And the little bag of tricks, she was chewing on my life jacket thread, her eyes closing gradually until she fell asleep on my arms, lulled to sleep by the rocking of the kayak. Was it any surprise that, as we put her on the bed after a quick wipe down, and she drifted off to solid sleep, that she babbled in her sleep, and the word she babbled was "Apa"! Husband thinks that that may have been induced by the rocking of the bed, and Anjali believed that she was on a kayak on the water.

When we came back to Singapore, Anjali kept pointing at everything and saying Apa (cups of water, the swimming pool at Redhill). It took her a while before she realized that there was no apa here and she said Apa, put on a piteous expression and raised her palms upwards to show that it was not there.

Never mind baby, we'll take you to the pool on Saturday.

Here are some pictures from the trip, with captions.

In the bus at 6.30 in the morning. Bag of tricks woke up just before we put her in the stroller and refused to go back to sleep

At the ferry terminal, still wide awake

In front of the ferry terminal, first with daddy and then, after doing the "amma" thing, with mummy

In the ferry, the last bit of play before dozing off.

She slept on the ferry and played in the car (husband will tell long tales of the nightmares he endures of his wife and kid's antics in the car) and is still in action in the room

The pristine beach at low tide

She climbed up the chair herself. I gave birth to a goat.

She likes getting kissed, but likes to act blase about them too

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  1. What a beautiful baby. Thanks for entering the August babywearing photo contest at BabySlingBlog.


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