Thursday, May 8, 2008

Sultry summer days

It is hard in December to believe that May can be this hot. It is almost impossible to sleep at night without the airconditioner. Poor idly baby (she's idly baby when she's sleeping and not up to mischief) wakes up multiple times at night, and not understanding that its water she needs, cries quite loudly, for comfort.

If I finish the comforting and put her back to bed with husband right beside her, and go for a drink or something, she calls "amma" and cries when amma is not there, so its back to square 1.

Husband has to file 2 and fro during these crying spells, getting milk/ water for Anjali, turning on enough light, turning the fan/ aircon such that it snot too hot or too cold, getting water for me, so that I dont have to leave the bag of tricks.

We even have to forefeit our morning walks/ cycles to granma's house because of the heat and end up leaving early and taking the bus.

All is all, we'll be glad when May rolls by and June brings rainy or cloudy weather.

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