Friday, May 9, 2008

progress with Doman

For the last couple of dayd I have been completely stoned. Tired and with a bad sore throat. Just got my voice back today, and now husband says that he hhas a cold and wants me to make tea in the morning before going to work. By the way, huusband got me this wonderful tea making filter kind of thing. SO I can just put the plants in the filter and chuck the filter in water, and fifteen minutes later take the filter out. No worries about tea and flowers in the container and refilling to another container and washing three pots.
Anyway, back to what I was saying, have been so stoned and its so hot these days that by the time I stumble into granma's house in the morning, i have no energy to get up and blutack the sentences on the wall. i wish I did though, because Anjali really is getting interested in the sentences.
"I am jumping", I read to her yesterday evening, and the bag of tricks jumped a couple of times obiligingly.
I do have five number cards stuck to the kitchen cupboard, which I change every couple of days. We dont do them so intensively as Doman suggests, we dont have time to do it thrice a day at a space of 1.5 hours. so we just keep the cards stuck to the wall and whenever Anjali passes them, we point a couple of numbers to her and tell them what each number is.
Husband's using playing cards, large size to teach Anjali how to sort. We are just starting but will probably do it more actively.
This morning Anjali did something very creative. She has a shopping bag (nice paper bag) in which husband had put some blocks. This morning, she sat at the bag, looked at the blocks. Then she took another paper bag which was lying nearby, took the blocks one by one out of the first bag and started putting them into the second bag. I was so impressed. Anjali was learning to organize and reorganize stuff. I should take out her stacking ring set and let her try with it.
Anjali was also very proud with what she was doing. She proudly showed her father her handiwork when he came along.
Pity I had to interrupt her when it was time to go to granma's house.  

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