Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A new penchant

Anjali is now thinking that it is very interesting to sort and re sort stuff. She spends long stretches of time emptying bags of toys, and putting back some of the toys in the bag (usually a certain type) and putting the rest aside.

Recently, since her visit to the center during last IEP, she has developed a penchant for coin boxes. Last visit, she was very interested in the coin box and granma showed her how to put coins inside the donation box. She put a few, then granma ran out of coins. Then she asked me for coins, and I gave her what I had before running out of coins. Then the bag of tricks went around asking every one in the room for coins and putting them all into the donation box.

Very cute. And the next day, granpa came home with a piggy bank that he had gotten for the bag of tricks to try out, and she had a nice time putting coins in the piggy bank.

At home, she has opened up the dollar bottle and has a great time pouring dollar coins on the floor, putting them back into the bottle, pouring them back on the floor, experimenting the effects of dollars as they roll off inclined surfaces (like the pillow or mummy's head) etc. She is also very amused by closing the lid of the bottle and is very delighted everytime she gets it correct. Smiles and claps in delight. Will put up a video soon

Last weekend we took her to the library. Besides pulling books off the shelf, which she does all the time, she decided that the dustbin at the library looks like a modified coin box. She likes to put stuff in it. One favorite thing were the pebbles in the flower pot. She would pick a pebble, put it in the dustbin, clap her hands in delight and repeat the whole thing again. Husband tried to influence her into putting the pebble back into the pot instead of the dustbin, but no go. To her well organized mind, pebbles must go to some other place other than the flower pot. (come to think of it, maybe she is used to soil in the plant pot in granma's house, and not pebbles, so maybe she thinks that they dont belong)

So when husband tried to stop her from putting more pebbles in the dustbin, she started the royal bawl.

I indulged her pebble throwing fancy, it doesnt do any harm

However, I had to draw a line when she started picking strange waterbottles and tried to chuck them down the dustbin.

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