Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Like father like daughter

Anjali is a lot like her father, goes for what she wants, if she doesnt get it, she sulks for a while (because she is small, the sulking period is also small), then looks at you, gives a glowing smile (which is inversely proportional to the size) and all is sunshine again.

Unless she becomes like her mother, and bawls her head off when she does not get what she wants. I can just envision her snapping off the heads of people who stand in her way.

her vocabulary grows also. As granma puts it, Anjali can make superbly long sentences with "um" and gestures.

"um" when you are sitting with your plate and if Anjali points at your plate and the kitchen means "Dont just sit there, put your disnes in the sink and get to better work"

"um" when Anjali points at your glasses in your pocket and points to your eyes means "You have no idea what to do with things or where they belong, put them in your eyes"

"um" when you are feeding Anjali and she points at babloo/ doggie/ kittie or any other person in the room means "I am a big fan of sharing, the food is good, and lets give some to babloo/ doggie/ kittie." It could also mean "the food is lousy, dont make me eat it all, let babloo/ doggie/ kittie/ sandhya akka go through what I am going through also. "

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