Thursday, May 22, 2008

Excuse Me??

Anjali has not been allowed to play with apa for the past few days because of her fever and flu. However, the poor girl has been using all her powers of silent persuasion, by going and standing under the bathroom tap with a mug whenever she could, in the hope that one of us will take pity on her and open the tap.

Usually we would distract her and take her away from the bathroom when this happened. This morning, both husband and I were suffereng from ALSS(Acute Lack of Sleep Syndrome), due to the fact that we were both up last night because of Anjali's flu. So we were distracted when we got ready for work.

I should have anticipated what happened.

I blew Anjali's nose and since she wanted, passed her the cloth. Then continued to run around the house, gathering things I needed for work, dressing up and such.

For something like 30 seconds there was no noise from the gremlin hideout, so I investigated to see where the gremlin had teleported her nest.

All through the house I went, with no result, until I happened to peek at the bathroom.

The bag of tricks was dipping the nose blowing cloth into the toilet bowl and happily using it to sprinkle water all over the bathroom floor.

The cloth went into the dustbin, the girl had her hands washed with as much soap that I could get

It was only 30 seconds, so it cant have been too many germs.

And besides they say that toilets are cleaner than some office cubicles.


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