Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The cookie monster ate the moon

Husband: Anjali, look at the moon, its a half moon
Mummy (With all her Doman inspired precision): Its a half moon, and its either waxing or waning, I'll check the calender later
Anjali (pointing at the moon): umm. a dad da, ma ma ma ma
Daddy: Yes, thats right, There's a moon eating monster up there that ate the other half
Mummy scowls at daddy and launches into an explanation of earth and moon movements.
Anjali: mum mum
Daddy: Thats right. The moon's made of cheese and the monster comes and eats it. You cant see the monster because its black.
Mummy (finally exasperated): How come you cant see the monster in the daytime, though you can see the moon?
Daddy (without missing a beat): The moon eating monster has chameleon capabilities.

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