Friday, May 2, 2008

Anjali's May day celebrations

Three changes of clothes??? And the only thing left in the bag was the bottom of the jumper.
Next time I bring Anjali for a day outing, I am going to put an undetectable extension charm on my handbag and stuff her wardrobe into it.
I guess this is what happens when you encourage your daughter to play with water. Afterall, all the websites claim that water play is very educational for kids. And all the montessori schools are full of water play activities (just how many sets of clothes does a parent send with a montessori kid's backpack?) And ofcourse, the little imp happens to like water.

So lets start form the beginning. Yesterday was Patel uncle's birthday and we took the imp to the center. So what does she do? Make her own show in one corner of the room. And when she gets bored of that corner, she goes to another corner, and behind the table, and pulls flowers from the altar, and tries to climb the altar table. Ofcourse, she does all these stuff during IEP, but there are not 50 other people in the room, and you are allowed to talk more loudly to distract her. So we let her play, for the most part, but had to stop when she discovered, to her delight and our amusement that if she tilted her head as far back as possible, she would lose heer balance and fall on the carpet, either on her bottom or on her head, and both were so delightful to her that she began to laugh.
really loudly
in the middle of the closing meditation.
So I picked her up and took her out to take a nap.
Out of which she woke up in half an hour and demanded out.
So we took her to the Istana. Where she walked on the grass, refused to wear a hat (we showed her the hat and she showed us the stroller basket. We put the hat on her and she took it off and stuffed it in the stroller basket. Can you believe the cheek!!)
Then she wanted to go into the pond, saying "apa, apa", but there was a yellow cable saying "No entry". Of course, the people who came up with the cable didnt reckon that 2 foot tall imps would try to squeeze through.
Then there was the swing in the playground. She got on, daddy swang her back and forth, At first she was smiling, then she stopped smiling, then she started looking dizzy, but still she shook her head when we tried to take her out and began to cry when we did take her out.
But quietened when we took her to the fountain. The shoes got wet, the front of the dress got wet, although I suspect that wouldnt have happened if she hadnt tried to dunk her head in the fountain to drink water from it.
Husband's pretty proud of her water dunking abbilities, and even more proud of her catching water from the tap in her bathing mug and drinking it up. "She wont need a sippy very soon, she can just drink by herself!!" "Maybe I should take a cup to the swimming pool". Well, the water in the pool is too chlorinated to drink by the mugfull, so better not.
She was quiet in the palace, although I made up for it, by going ouch, everytime she bit me. And then it was time to go back and she fell asleep on my shoulder.
Not for long. Half an hour later, she was up and eating biscuits, going with us to Komalas and eating something like half my yogurt rice (is it too early to give a kid restaurant food? Anyway, the deed's done and there is no point worrying about it now), back home and playing till 9.30 before finally getting to sleep.
Total sleep of 1.15 hours in the day and about 9 hours at night. I suppose she will sleep for atleast 4 hours during the day today. Well, granma will be relaxed.

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